Curtis Ellis advocates ditching 'the global citizen gobbledygook'

President Trump set a 90-day deadline for China to negotiate terms to end its predatory trade practices. After 30 years of empty promises, we’ll see if Beijing is serious.

Famously anticommunist Ayn Rand said, “Check your premises.”


We're dealing with a communist nation that's out to get us.  Who's got the guts to stand up to China?  It's Trump.  He's straying from the typical agenda of everyone get-along, and Marc Cox likes it.  Everyone needs to take a breath and relax, it's being taken care of.


Jim Bohannon Westwood One radio show with Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor America First Policies discussing China trade and tariffs.



Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor with America First Policies on Newsmax TV discussing outcome of US-China meeting at G20 summit.

Segment begins at 50:07 mark at link below.



Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor with America First Policies, joins Joe Piscopo to discuss developments in US-China trade relations coming out of the G20 meeting.


Curtis Ellis notes Trump's policies bring 'us closer to energy independence'

President Trump’s economic strategy consists of four elements – tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform and energy reform.

These four parts work together to boost American growth and incomes.

by Curtis Ellis 

It should be titled “Everything we told you is wrong.” That’s the essence of the New York Times series “China Rules – How China Became a Superpower.” Its conceit is “Gee whiz, it’s really awesome how China got it together.”


Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor with America First Policies, discusses the latest developments in President Trump's China policies and the setback for China at the recent APEC summit in Asia.