Trump blue-collar economic miracle vs. Democrats’ dangerous fantasyland

Curtis Ellis says the choice could not be clearer

The choice could not be clearer.

The U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs in November. The unemployment rate fell to 3.5%, the lowest level in half a century.

The number of Americans working rose to 158.6 million, a record high and the sixth consecutive record.

Wages keep increasing. Hourly earnings for private-sector workers are 3.1% higher over the year. Wages are growing at a faster rate for production workers than for managers.

Are Cheap Imports Making Cheap Americans?

By Curtis Ellis

It’s well past time to ask whether procuring cheap imported consumer goods should be the goal of our foreign trade policy and if it’s the best way to raise Americans’ standard of living.  

Another tranche of tariffs on Chinese imports is set to go into effect on December 15. That has the usual suspects gnashing their teeth.

Why Americans are not paying for tariffs

Curtis Ellis explains 'myriad (illegal) subsidies' China continues to use

Today we witnessed a central rite of one of the world's great and growing state-sponsored religions. We saw frenzied acolytes crowd vast temples where they flailed each other to obtain offerings to placate their hungry god.

The religion of which we speak is consumerism. The ritual is known as Black Friday. And the offerings are made in China.

It's an appropriate time to consider the tariffs President Trump has imposed on imports from that authoritarian country.

China, the Big Man on Campus: American Greatness

The NBA and China’s ‘Thousand Talents Plan’

Like the NBA, universities are letting their immediate economic interests cloud their thinking. Unlike the NBA, they are being paid to train the spies who are stealing our crown jewels. Even worse, the U.S. government is providing the funding.  

Forget about the NBA. If you want to find a bought-and-paid-for willing accomplice to the Chinese Communist Party, just look at our universities.

Take Columbia University, please.

Is Congress finally holding the Chicoms accountable?

Curtis Ellis touts new legislation that punishes Beijing's human rights abuses

Beijing's brutal crackdown on democracy protesters in Hong Kong sparked a rare outbreak of bipartisanship in Washington.

The U.S. Senate unanimously approved the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. The House adopted it with only one dissenting vote. The president is expected to sign it.

Beware of the Blob - Washington’s Foreign Policy Establishment

By Curtis Ellis

Beware of Washington’s Foreign Policy Establishment Blob

President Trump has unmasked the groupthink that passes for wisdom in official Washington. The Wise Men and their progeny take that as a personal insult.


Beware of the blob.

Congress Must Stand With Trump Against China’s Economic Aggression

By Curtis Ellis

Republicans need to give President Trump the tools he needs to fight China’s economic aggression against the U.S. and win.

President Trump sounded the alarm on the true nature of Beijing’s communist regime when he declared America’s days of economic surrender are over.

History may record this as President Trump’s greatest single accomplishment.

Democratic witnesses' bad case of client-itis

Curtis Ellis diagnoses career diplomats

The State Department has been a problem child ever since Alger Hiss.

Today, the State Department is populated not by crypto-communists but by a bunch of thin-skinned, passive-aggressive globalists with inflated self-importance, little self-awareness and a bad case of client-itis.

That’s what we've learned from the impeachment hearings.

In the latest installment, we met Marie Yovanavich the former ambassador to Ukraine.

She told us she suffers from hurt feelings because the president replaced her.

Anatomy of China's Influence Operation

Anatomy of China’s Influence Operation

Those concerned about a foreign power exerting undue influence in Washington should be paying closer attention to the activity of the People’s Republic of China.  

Washington’s obsession with foreign interference in U.S. elections drove the three-year fixation on Russia and morphed into a compulsive fascination with the darker corners of the Ukraine (are there any bright corners in that benighted land?).

Once again the Pharisees strain at gnats but swallow a camel.

Bye Bye Paris Climate Accord–Another Promise Kept: Breitbart

Curtis Ellis: Trump and the Paris Climate Accord–Another Promise Kept On November 4, 2019, President Trump made good on yet another promise to the American people.

That was the day the Trump administration formally notified the U.N. that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords.