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New study finds India a threat to US businesses, workers

A new report, Doing Business in India, finds India guilty of sytematically violating intellectual property rights, rule of law and basic norms of transparency and governance for American businesses operating in that country.  Read the full Doing Business in India report here.

Buy American, Hire American – The Spirit of Small Business

Buy American, Hire American - that’s President Trump’s policy. And it’s the spirit small business lives by.

Small business is as American as apple pie. Locally owned workshops, farms and stores are rooted to their communities. They keep money circulating in the local economy by sourcing from local and regional suppliers, hiring neighbors, and contributing to local churches, schools and charities, sponsoring sports teams and funding scholarships. Small businesses are also big backers of apprenticeship programs, preparing the next generation for jobs and careers.

Small Business Will Make America Great Again

Small business will Make America Great Again because they made it great in the first place!

When we talk about putting America back to work, remember - it’s small businesses that will do the job.

Small businesses employ nearly half of the American workforce, and small businesses are responsible for creating more than two thirds of all new jobs in America since the Great Recession.

Small Business – the Heart and Soul of America

Small business is the largest employer in America, and greatest source of new jobs since the Great Recession.

Some things never change.

Small business has been the heart and soul of America since the earliest days of the Republic – and before.

The Boston Tea Party was instigated and executed by colonial tea merchants whose businesses were being underpriced and undercut by cheap imports from the globalist multinational enterprise of the day, the British East India Company.

President Picks Small Business Champion to Fight for America

Donald Trump chose a champ when he tapped Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration.


Donald Trump hits home run with his Economic Team leaders

American Jobs Alliance President Dennis Black released this statement on President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Steve Mnuchin to serve as Treasury Secretary and Wilbur Ross to serve as Commerce Secretary:

It's official: Obama sending TPP to Congress

The White House put Congress on official notice that it will be sending lawmakers a bill to implement President Barack Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement later this year.


The White House submitted what's known as a Statement of Administrative Action giving Congress a 30-day notification that the administration plans to present legislation implementing the TPP. 


Obama has previously said that he intends to push the TPP in the lame-duck session of Congress after the election.  


Trump Stands Strong Against Globalism

Trump Declares America First

In his foreign policy address, Donald Trump warned against following the “false song of globalism.” This was a sharply different note and counterpoint to President Obama’s “No Walls” European tour.


Donald Trump declared the nation state to be the foundation for harmony. He is openly skeptical of international unions that tie America down like Gulliver and the Lilliputians.


TPP doesn't curb China, it helps China

President Obama sold Obamacare by telling us “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” 


Now he is selling Obamtrade, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, by telling us “If we don’t write the rules for the global economy, China will.”  


Once again, the White House spin doesn’t line up with the facts.  And once again, people who should know better are buying the spin.


Obamatrade overrides Congress, the Constitution and threatens U.S. sovereignty

The U.S. Congress would be cut out of decisions impacting our economy and laws under the terms of the TransPacific Partnership agreement President Obama has negotiated and intends to sign.


The administration on Thursday finally released the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a global regulatory pact it has been negotiating in secret over the last six years.  The TPP currently involves 12 countries on four continents.