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Another Whirlpool in Fort Smith Arkansas

Just as Fort Smith helped build Whirlpool, Whirlpool helped build Fort Smith. That’s how it was supposed to work, and for almost 50 years it did. Now there’s another whirlpool in Fort Smith, and it’s pulling the town down.

Hollywood studio helps China abortion thugs

A Hollywood studio is shooting a buddy movie in the Chinese city synonymous with forced abortion. Now, human rights activists are calling on Relativity Media to terminate its misbegotten project.

Made in China: War on Women and Girls

China's official in charge of forced abortion and sterilization made no apology and said the communist government will continue waging war on women and girls.

Yale Outsourced to Singapore

Higher ed is big business, and Yale is taking the next step and joining the globalization race to the bottom. Ivy League universities have been the biggest pushers of 'free trade' bunk, so it's no surprise they're hooked on their own dope.

Congress throws another Made in USA industry under the bus

To make something out of plastic, from auto parts to toys, you need a mold. Mold-building takes skilled craftsmen, expensive equipment and it's a crucial component of America's manufacturing base. So guess what got the shaft in those trade deals Congress just passed? The mold building industry.

Another Clueless Congressman Slammed for Supporting Stinko Deal

When Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Clueless) showed up at a singalong supporting Portland Oregon's Occupy Wall Street, he got more than he bargained for. The bow tie-wearing solon had proudly voted for the Korea outsourcing deal and even sang its praises in the well of the House.

Who are the Real Job Killers?

Whirlpool is closing its Arkansas factory and killing 1,000 US jobs to please Wall Street bean counters. Watch the video.

Rangel Rapped for Outsourcing & Serving Wall Street

Demonstrators slammed Rep. Charlie Rangel for his votes in favor of job-killing outsourcing deals. When he served as chairman of the tax-writing committee in the House, Rangel consistently served up tax breaks for Wall Street and multinationals. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Girl Scout Merit Badges Made in China

The Girl Scouts keep up with the times, and one grandma in Missouri found this out, much to her horror, when she noticed that all the items she was sewing on her granddaughter's Junior Girl Scout vest, including the American flag, were "made in China."