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Obama Wants to Reward Kill-A-Gay, Flog-A-Woman Islamist Dictator

The southeast Asian nation of Brunei has adopted a brutal penal code based on Sharia law with punishments that include flogging, dismemberment and death by stoning for crimes such as adultery and sodomy, but the Obama administration doesn’t care. It is still pushing Obamatrade aka the TransPacific Partnership with Brunei. With partners like that, who needs enemies?

Great April jobs report? Not so fast

While the U.S. economy created 288,000 jobs in April, that’s not the number to look at to see how the economy is performing. Two numbers released today will tell you all you need to know about where we are and where we are going as a nation.

VIDEO: Obamatrade - the secret deal that will kill more American jobs

Watch the video: Former Congressman Allen West blasts Obamatrade. Congress has to pass it to find out what's in it - and it will mean certain death for more American jobs.

Tell Congress: NO to Obamatrade, Fast Track

Members of Congress are back home districts for the the next two weeks.  This is our opportunity to let them know how we feel about Obamatrade and "fast track," critical issues threatening our jobs and Constitution.

Malaysia & Crimea expose the false premises of globalism

Malaysia’s missing airliner and Russia’s takeover of Crimea show us that the bedrock assumptions of globalization are illusions. People around the world are more proud of their national identity than their brand of smart phone, no matter what the corporatist elites try to tell us. And just because some country can buy an airliner, that doesn't make it equal to the good ole USA.

TransPacific Partnership weakens rule of law, encourages outsourcing: CATO Institute

The free market CATO Institute is blasting the TransPacific Partnership (aka Obamatrade) for giving “special privileges to foreign corporations” that will “encourage outsourcing” and put American businesses at a competitive disadvantage. If that weren’t bad enough, the think tank says Obamatrade also gives bailouts to corporatist insiders and undermines the rule of law and national sovereignty.

TransPacific Partnership destroys national sovereignty - everything is proceeding according to plan

Obamatrade  is not about trade and never was. It’s sold as a magic elixir that will cure all ills – Jobs! Prosperity! World Peace! - but it is in fact a toxic brew that weakens the American body politic and the Constitution. Obamatrade undermines our national sovereignty and that’s what it was designed to do.

Everyone Hates Obamatrade

A new bipartisan poll shows an overwhelming majority of Americans of all political stripes oppose giving the president fast-track authority to push the TransPacific Partnership.  Yet the leaders of both parties, from President Obama to John Boehner, continue to support it. Read the poll results for yourself.

Jobs Obamatrade Will Kill - And People Too

The White House is selling Obamatrade aka the TransPacific Partnership with the equivalent of 'If you like your job you can keep it." The president claims it will create jobs, protect workers and open new markets for products made in the USA. The opposite is true. Here are some Americans making things in the USA who will be out of work if Obamatrade comes to pass.

Face It: Free Trade Is Last Thing Real Americans Need

Want to solve economic inequality? Stop liberalizing trade. Between the lines of President Obama’s fifth State of the Union lies the real reason behind job loss and stagnant wages for all but the top 1% Americans -- the nation’s trade deficit, among others.