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Will Obama trade American jobs for his war in Syria?

Using the job-killing TransPacific Partnership as a bargaining chip to gain support for a strike against Syria would be business as usual in Washington.  Presidents of both parties have long sold out the interests of American workers and small businesses to fulfill their Great Game of Geopolitics.

More BS from DC: Feds want to call offshore outsourcers "domestic manufacturers"

U.S. federal agencies involved in economic data are on the verge of classifying companies that outsource their production overseas as domestic manufacturers, even though none of their manufacturing is in the United States.  Under this new scheme, imports by American companies that outsource their production to foreign manufacturers would no longer be counted as imports.  Manufacturing & Technology News has the shocking details.

Job opportunity: Farming! Grow food and make money

Joel Salatin is a champion of small farming techiques that make money and make food. In this video he says there's a tremendous opportunity in farming - and with new portable farming technologies you don't even have to own land to make it work.

Happy Labor Day: The Virtue of Labor

What is meant by the dignity of labor? Why is industriousness considered a virtue? Why do presidents and popes say labor has priority over capital?  Some thoughts to ponder this Labor Day. 

Impeach Obama?

Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma says Obama’s extreme actions have brought him “perilously close to impeachment”. Coburn didn’t detail the legal ‘high crimes and misdemeanors” but cited abuse of power and incompetence.  Guest editorialist Ken Davis says the administration's global trade policy - and TPP in particular - qualify as abuse of power and incompetence.

Here's where they are: Congressional Town Halls - Say NO! to "Fast Track" & TPP

Members of Congress are back in their home districts for the the next two weeks.  Many are holding town hall meetings and other events to meet with We, the People.  


This is our opportunity to let them know how we feel about a critical issue affecting our sovereignty, jobs and Constitution: Fast Track.

"Death by China" film shows where all the jobs have gone

Are you wondering where all the good jobs have gone? Why do we have less tax revenues creating an out-of-control Federal budget deficit? Why are you working harder for less money than you did in the 1990s?  Michele Nash-Hoff has the answers.


Millennials Of All Generations Least Sold On Buy American Label For Cars

The “Buy American” movement has little resonance with young car-buying Americans, who are most likely to consider their vehicle to be a reflection of their personality than any other age group and least likely to lend importance to the “Assembled in America” label when purchasing a car, according to a new Autotrader.com study.

Out-Of-Touch Congress Needs TPP Education Before Too Late

With negotiators trying to bring TPP pact talks to a conclusion in the next few months, the U.S. Congress doesn’t seem to notice that they’re just a few weeks away from weighing whether to grant President Barack Obama fast-track authority to usher the evolving treaty into law untouched by lawmakers’ hands.

Odd Bedfellows Unite To Oppose Fast Track Authority For TPP, Others

Obviously, free trade makes for interesting political bedfellows. GOP Reps. Michele Bachmann and Walter Jones have joined together with liberal Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro to try to limit the White House's so-called authority to "fast-track" global trade treaties, a process that essentially rams pacts through the U.S. Congress on an up-or-down vote. No amendments, no nothing.