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Congress Must Stop Abuse of De Minimis Imports

By Michele Nash-Hoff

When you order a product online without country-of-origin information being provided, the product may be sent directly to you by a company in a foreign country.  If the product is under $800 in value, it isn’t inspected by Customs & Border Protection (CBP) and no duties or tariffs are charged. How does this happen?

Solutions to Address Outsourcing by Multinationals & Rebuild American Manufacturing

By Michele Nash-Hoff

Michael Collins wrote, “Hope is not a plan” in his book Dismantling the American Dream, How Multinational Corporations Undermine American Prosperity. In other words, we cannot hope to rebuild American manufacturing without doing things differently than we’ve done in the past 30 years.  The industrial policies we have been following resulted in the decimation of the U.S. manufacturing base with the loss of over 70,000 manufacturing companies and 5.8 million manufacturing jobs.

How Multinational Corporations Undermine American Prosperity

By Michele Nash-Hoff

Long-time American manufacturing advocate, Michael Collins, added to his extensive body of work with a 4th book, Dismantling the American Dream: How Multinational Corporations Undermine American Prosperity  Michael had a 35-year career in manufacturing before retiring and uses his experience to write a book he describes as “a concise story that tells what America's multinationals did to the U.S. economy and how they did it.”