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'Crazy Bernie's' OTHER Ooen-Border Scheme

By Curtis Ellis

The Democrats are feeling their oats after taking over the House.

Now that they’re in charge, no policy proposal is too radical or crackpot for the resurgent Democrats to peddle it as the Magic Elixir Tonic to cure all ills.

Step right up, folks! Ninety percent tax rate just like the 1950s! Welfare and free money for all! Imagine there’s no countries – let’s get rid of borders altogether!


Curtis Ellis | Contributor 

Nearly ten years ago, President Obama and Democratic leadership hoodwinked many in their own party to support a new tax on healthcare nicknamed the “Cadillac Tax.” They said, “Don’t worry, this tax is only going to hit those fancy Wall Street-types with gold-plated health insurance plans.” And so, the tax was passed into law as part of the Affordable Care Act with an effective date of 2018, because Obama didn’t want to be around when it took effect and people discovered the truth.


By Curtis Ellis

Curtis Ellis notes how market forces triumphed over government mandates

A funny thing happened on the way to the gas pump.

Consumers want cheaper fuel and bought as much of it as they could without Washington telling them they had to.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. What’s funny is that some people still needed to learn that economic incentives are a powerful motivator.

Our story begins in Washington, where government regulation is the go-to method of persuasion.

American Greatness: Obama’s Comeback Violates Norms

Obama’s Comeback Violates Norms, Sense and Sensibility

By Curtis Ellis| September 12th, 2018


Barack Obama has chosen to help elect Democrats this November with a national get out the vote tour.

Democrats are thrilled to have Obama deploying his patented oratorical style, equal parts lecturing, hectoring, and know-it-all condescension.

US, Mexico try to hammer out deal on NAFTA

Aug. 09, 2018 - 7:21 - America First Policies senior policy advisor Curtis Ellis, Independent Women’s Forum visiting fellow Mattie Duppler and American Majority CEO Ned Ryun on how the U.S. and Mexico are trying to hammer out a deal on NAFTA.

China's trade war over the plastic in your wallet

Curtis Ellis drubs Beijing over latest effort 'to cripple America's economy'

You need to literally look no further than your wallet to see China’s unfair, unbalanced and predatory trade practices at work.

Your wallet likely has a credit card in it, and credit cards are the latest front in China’s war to cripple America’s economy.

Beijing is using the same tactics in the financial services industry that it used to grab a commanding global market share in the hard industries of steel, aluminum, automobiles and electronics.

Trump is right to defend America's farmers from Chinese hegemony

By Curtis Ellis and Martha Boneta

China is threatening American farmers with politically targeted tariffs as it escalates its economic aggression against the U.S.

That has pundits speculating farmers will turn against President Trump for confronting China over its predatory trade practices.

Is the Trump economy winning too much?

by Curtis Ellis

Candidate Donald J. Trump said if he were president, the United States would win again.

We’d be winning so much, he promised, people would be tired of winning and say “please, stop, I can’t take it any more.”

That’s proven to be yet another promise President Trump made that’s come true.

The latest economic figures show unemployment claims dropped to the lowest level since 1969that’s a half century ago.

Bernie's Opioid Importation Facilitation Act

by Curtis Ellis

While the Trump administration works to stem the raging epidemic of opioid addiction, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has a plan to make it worse.

He calls it the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act, S. 469. This legislation would open our borders to the free flow of drugs – all drugs – from Canada and other countries.