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Taking the lead in the trade war with China: American Greatness

Democrats say President Trump should work with U.S. allies to resolve trade disputes. But they refuse to vote on a new agreement with Canada and Mexico that would do exactly that.

America First or lead from behind. That is the starkest contrast between President Trump and his predecessor.

Pelosi makes 'an offer they can't refuse'

NANCY PELOSI TO LOWER DRUG PRICES WITH MORE GOVERNMENT? Curtis Ellis notes Dems hope to solve regulatory problem with more regs


Nancy Pelosi announced her “plan to lower drug prices” with much fanfare this week.

It reprises, yet again, the Democrats’ go-to “solution” to every problem – more government control and more penalties on private industry.

How Washington Fuels China’s War Machine: American Greatness

Vladimir Lenin said capitalists would sell him the rope he’d use to hang them. Now, Wall Street and Washington want to send Beijing the money they’ll use to buy that rope. We can’t let that happen.  

China is waging economic warfare in its bid to replace the United States as the world’s dominant superpower.

Beijing uses the dollars Americans send them to buy, build, and steal the military and high-tech hardware it needs to achieve its goal to take over the world.

Has Nancy Pelosi lost control of her conference?

Curtis Ellis tells of vulnerable Dem lawmakers who want Trump trade deal passed


Congress is back in session. We will see if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has completely lost control of her conference.

Pelosi knows House Democrats have to produce something other than made-for-TV movies featuring a supporting cast of superannuated retreads.

The endless impeachment series is a turnoff for the voters who gave her the majority, but it seems the speaker is powerless to change the channel.

USMCA: Dems were for it before they were against it.

Democrats Are Lying About Their Opposition to Trump’s Mexico Trade Deal


In the same way President Bill Clinton gave away hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico and Vice President Joe Biden helped send millions more to China, the Democrats vying for their party’s 2020 nomination now plan to outsource and destroy yet another American industry.

I refer to the so-called “progressive” Democrats’ opposition to the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA).

Democrats Collude with China to Influence 2020 Election: American Greatness

Democrats, Media Collude with China to Influence 2020 Election

Carping about “the Trump trade war” is bad policy and bad politics.

It was really quite a remarkable sight.

As U.S. negotiators were overseas attempting to stop a foreign power’s aggression, American political operatives were telling the other side to hold off on making any agreement. They would get a better deal from a new administration after the election, those operatives assured them.

Daily Caller: It's Time to Investigate Those Behind the Russia Hoax


The results are in: for the past two years the president has been investigated for a crime that never happened.

That’s the conclusion the special counsel came to after an investigation that lasted two years, spent over $25 million, deployed 59 lawyers and investigators, issued 2,800 subpoenas, interviewed 500 witnesses, and executed 500 search warrants and wiretaps.


Curtis Ellis notes U.S. now has OPEC over an oil barrel, not the reverse


America First is the guiding principle of President Donald J. Trump.

America First puts the interests of American citizens ahead of “greater global integration” when it comes to trade agreements.

America First puts the needs of American workers over those of foreign job seekers and cheap-labor-seeking corporations when it comes to immigration.

Curtis Ellis: Trump Should Impose Auto Tariffs to Stop China from Decimating U.S. Auto Industry

Curtis Ellis of America First Policies says President Trump should consider a 25 percent tariff on auto imports to save American auto manufacturing from China’s efforts to dominate the industry.


Sirius XM: Ellis on GM shutdown, auto tariffs and national security

Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor with America First Policies on Sirius XM Radio discussing GM shutting down Lordstown, OH plant, tariffs and how the auto industry is crucial to national security.