New World Trade Center built with glass Made in China

The Freedom Tower rising at ground zero will replace the World Trade Center destroyed in the attacks on 9/11. It's a national symbol. And it's built with glass made in China and steel made in Germany. The Freedom Tower was conceived as a symbol of American resilience, an example to the world of America's strength. But the American company PPG (which you may remember as Pittsburgh Plate Glass) bid on the contract to provide blast-resistant glass for the new World Trade Center. But the project's landlord, the Port Authority, gave the contract to a Chinese government-owned firm that was able to underbid PPG because it is subsidized. And the structural steel in our new national symbol? Made in Germany. So while the Freedom Tower is a 'symbol' of national strength, the new World Trade Center is a literal example of something else - how basic industries that built this country and the broadly shared prosperity that was the envy of the world are being destroyed. The destruction is being done not by terrorists, but by Washington politicians paid to help those who profit from the offshoring of our productive industries. For the record, the first tenant to sign a lease in the new World Trade Center - the China Center, promoting the expansion of Chinese companies in the United States and providing U.S. offices for Chinese firms.