Congress Must Stand With Trump Against China’s Economic Aggression

By Curtis Ellis

Republicans need to give President Trump the tools he needs to fight China’s economic aggression against the U.S. and win.

President Trump sounded the alarm on the true nature of Beijing’s communist regime when he declared America’s days of economic surrender are over.

History may record this as President Trump’s greatest single accomplishment.

Democratic witnesses' bad case of client-itis

Curtis Ellis diagnoses career diplomats

The State Department has been a problem child ever since Alger Hiss.

Today, the State Department is populated not by crypto-communists but by a bunch of thin-skinned, passive-aggressive globalists with inflated self-importance, little self-awareness and a bad case of client-itis.

That’s what we've learned from the impeachment hearings.

In the latest installment, we met Marie Yovanavich the former ambassador to Ukraine.

She told us she suffers from hurt feelings because the president replaced her.

Anatomy of China's Influence Operation

Anatomy of China’s Influence Operation

Those concerned about a foreign power exerting undue influence in Washington should be paying closer attention to the activity of the People’s Republic of China.  

Washington’s obsession with foreign interference in U.S. elections drove the three-year fixation on Russia and morphed into a compulsive fascination with the darker corners of the Ukraine (are there any bright corners in that benighted land?).

Once again the Pharisees strain at gnats but swallow a camel.

Bye Bye Paris Climate Accord–Another Promise Kept: Breitbart

Curtis Ellis: Trump and the Paris Climate Accord–Another Promise Kept On November 4, 2019, President Trump made good on yet another promise to the American people.

That was the day the Trump administration formally notified the U.N. that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords.

Red China's paid accomplices in the U.S.

Curtis Ellis profiles U.S. cable news 'China expert' secretly on Beijing's payroll

President Trump’s confrontation with China provides a master class in communist China’s strategy to defeat the U.S. without firing a shot.

FOX: When will the US roll back China tariffs?

Curtis Ellis: When will the US roll back China tariffs? When Trump says so … don't be fooled by anyone else

Munchausen-by-Proxy Nation: American Greatness

“Safetyism” advancing under the banner of the Left is hazardous to your health.

What if someone you trusted said you were sick? What if someone you trusted made you sick so you relied on them for support?

That’s known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It’s considered a form of abuse.

Now, what if someone did all of the above to an entire nation?

That would be known as what the left-wing of the Democratic Party and its misguided if well-intentioned fellow travelers are doing to America now.

Revenge of the Chair Warmers

Revenge of the Chair Warmers: Gov't of, by and for the bureaucracy Curtis Ellis sees insubordination in spades as coup attempt continues

What have we learned from impeachment so far?

We've learned that we don't need elections anymore. We are in post-constitutional governance.

This is government of, by and for the chair warmers.

From what we can tell, President Trump is guilty of the high crime of disagreeing with unelected bureaucrats adept at justifying their own existence and warming chairs.

The Long Game on Impeachment

By Curtis Ellis

This is our sandbox, say the political professionals. And we will go to any length to destroy you if you step into it.

Niccolo Machiavelli advised there was no end to conflict for the prince. Wisdom consists of choosing the option that places one in the most advantageous position for the next inevitable contest.

“A ruler must never imagine that any decision he takes is safe,” the West’s first political consultant advised the prince. “He should reckon that any decision is potentially dangerous.”

Congress Has a Chance to Defend America Against China’s Economic Aggression: Breitbart

America’s China policy has a clear division: Before Trump and After Trump.

Before President Trump, Washington slept while China stole our jobs, our technology and our future.

President Trump sounded the alarm and declared the days of economic surrender are over.

Americans have long understood communist China has been ripping us off.

Thanks to the President’s wake up call, a growing majority inside the Beltway acknowledges we must respond to the unrestricted warfare Beijing is waging against the United States of America.