How Multinational Corporations Undermine American Prosperity

By Michele Nash-Hoff

Long-time American manufacturing advocate, Michael Collins, added to his extensive body of work with a 4th book, Dismantling the American Dream: How Multinational Corporations Undermine American Prosperity  Michael had a 35-year career in manufacturing before retiring and uses his experience to write a book he describes as “a concise story that tells what America's multinationals did to the U.S. economy and how they did it.”

How to Buy More Made in USA Products

By Michele Nash-Hoff

More than 70% (72%) of American consumers prefer American-made products and nearly half (48%) say they’d be willing to pay around 10–20% more. An exclusive poll about buy-American shopping preferences from Retail Brew and The Harris Poll was conducted among a nationally representative sample of 1,986 US adults from July 22–24, 2022.

The State of Lean Manufacturing

By Michele Nash-Hoff

Industry Reimagined 2030 was founded in January 2022 with the vision of U.S. manufacturing becoming revitalized, globally competitive, and advancing societal interests. Our transformative mission is to achieve a sea-change in the national narrative from a prevailing worldview of U.S. industry in ‘inevitable decline’ to one of ‘vibrant opportunity.’

By 2030, we will bring about through collaboration and scaling the following:

Action on China or Yet Another Charade by Congress?

By Michele Nash-Hoff

On January 10, 2023, the House voted to pass a resolution “to create a select committee focused on U.S. competition with China, fulfilling a campaign promise Republicans made in the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections.”

2023 Offers Vibrant Opportunities for American Manufacturing

By Michele Nash-Hoff

While some industry leaders are predicting continued supply chain disruptions and even an economic recession, I believe that American manufacturers are poised to enjoy vibrant opportunities in 2023 after nearly three years of economic turmoil and supply chain disruptions.

3D Printing Provides Vibrant Opportunities for American Manufacturing

By Michele Nash-Hoff

The 3D printing industry has experienced consistent and stable growth over the past decade, disrupting multiple industries. 3D printing and other additive manufacturing processes have made huge advancements in technology over the last several years and are playing a key role in reshoring mass production for companies in the USA. Constant improvements to materials and processes in 3D printing are being developed nearly on a daily basis.


Among the many benefits that 3D printing can offer are:


California Targets Manufacturing Industry to Reduce Pollution

By Michele Nash-Hoff

On September 14, 2022, I had the pleasure of attending the California Metal Coalition quarterly meeting in San Diego held at the offices of C & H Machine in Escondido. The CMC website states: “California is home to 4,000 metalworking facilities, employing over 350,000 Californians with high-paying manufacturing jobs and health benefits.   Jobs provided by our industry are the path to the middle class for many Californians.”

Reinventing Education – Students Learning “how to think – not what to think” for New Collar Workforce

By Michele Nash-Hoff


Our non-profit Industry Reimagined 2030 has identified some prevailing misperceptions about manufacturing that must be dispelled if we want to be successful in growing the supply of available recruits for manufacturing jobs.  These are that “manufacturing is in inevitable decline” and “manufacturing jobs are dumb, dirty and not well paying.”