Generation Failure


Generation Failure Blame baby boomers -- and their children -- for the state of America


OK, boomer. I hate to make generalizations, but it's time to admit it: Your generation and the generation you raised are failures.

TCM Shows How the World Works Better Than CNN

The greatest deficit today is not in the budget or in foreign trade—it’s in common sense.  

CNN purports to show its viewers how the world works. Of course, we know better than that, and I needn’t go through the too-many-to-list examples of how CNN misleads.

The level of deceit is profound.

In fact, I have found that regular viewers of TCM—Turner Classic Movies—will have a better understanding of the world than regular viewers of CNN.

Let’s begin in the Middle East.

The Gutting of America

Just as China has gutted America’s manufacturing base, it has gutted most of our nation’s foundational institutions.

When President Trump imposed import duties on a wide range of Chinese goods, we discovered just how reliant our nation had become on the communist People’s Republic of China for a wide array of manufactured and finished goods.  

A parade of American businesses petitioned the U.S. government to exempt some 13,000 different items from tariffs.

Is the Chinese Communist Party funneling money to rioters?

New developments reveal the breadth and depth of the Chinese Communist Party's war against America.

Last week, federal authorities charged a New York City police officer with being a paid agent of the CCP for the past six years. The indictment says handlers in the Chinese consulate had officer Baimadajie Angwang, a naturalized U.S. citizen, keeping tabs on Tibetans living in New York.

Biden would surrender space to China

Just like our jobs, Biden would surrender space to China The plan to turn NASA into a climate-change agency

Joe Biden's ties to the Chinese Communist Party are well-known and longstanding.

Biden rewarded the People's Republic of China with most-favored-nation trade status, claiming "it is in our interest for China to prosper" while American jobs and industries were decimated.

CCP  Espionage and Influence Operations in America Grow

Communist China’s Espionage and Influence Operation in America Continues

The Justice Department should be devoting more resources to countering the China threat and fewer to diversity training and entrapping the president.  

Dispatch from China’s Economic War Against the U.S.

Front Line Dispatch from China’s Economic War Against the U.S.

We are engaged in an economic war with the CCP and the future of our nation is more important than any company’s quarterly earnings report.  

The Chinese Communist Party’s economic war against the United States continues.

The CCP is preparing to launch a major campaign to fleece American investors of billions of dollars to fund its drive for global hegemony.

Like it or not, we are at war with China

CCP 'unabashedly aims to control the information landscape'


We are at war with the Chinese Communist Party. To be precise, the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, is at war with the U.S.

The war is happening now on three fronts. And it's not being fought with bombs and bullets.

It is an economic war. It is an ideological war. It is an information war.

It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory If It’s Out in the Open

As the global neoliberal corporatists openly tell us what they are up to, there are a few inconvenient truths we cannot ignore.  

The party line used to be there is no such thing as globalism—no one wants to eliminate nations and only conspiracy theorists believe in a New World Order, one-world government campaign going on. If you were to say you opposed globalism, the response would be “What size tin-foil hat do you wear?”

That was then. This is now. The globalists no longer hide their plans.

Bring our jobs home, bring our troops home

The way to stem Chicoms' 'military and techno-totalitarian machinery'

A new report from the Pentagon paints a chilling portrait of the challenge the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States and the world.

It also shows us how we must respond.

The annual report to Congress, "Military and Security Developments Concerning the People's Republic of China," details the comprehensive effort the CCP has launched to achieve global superiority through military, economic and information/psychological warfare means.