Want certainty? Get out of China:

Want business 'certainty'? Get out of China Curtis Ellis calls for higher anti-dumping tariffs on oil drilling equipment

Big business wanted certainty. President Trump just gave it to them:

China is no place to do business. Get out now.

To those who've been saying we need to make a deal, any deal, with China to restore certainty, the president made certain this administration will not surrender to China's continuing assault on the American people and our free enterprise system.  

Shutting Down the Outrage Machine: American Greatness

Shutting Down the Outrage Machine

Neil Postman was right about American mass media.   

We’ve seen how the media manufactures the racial strife it then blames on President Trump.

The media’s deliberate amplification of voices that accuse America of being irredeemably racist is but a symptom of a syndrome afflicting our mass communication media.

It is addicted to outrage. And it’s peddling outrage to make addicts of the rest of us, too.

The outrage generator is driven by several factors inherent in today’s electronic mass communications media.

Trump's Energy Renaissance vs. Democrats' Dark Ages

Curtis Ellis compares current energy policies with those of 'green machine'

Victory has a hundred fathers.

President Trump’s economic victory has at least four: tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform and energy reform.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, working together synergistically to boost domestic investment, wages and job growth.

And while energy reform comes last in that list, its importance should not be underestimated.

Consider that modern industrial society depends on energy – readily available at an affordable price.

‘Truly Frightening’ How U.S. Relies on China for Vital Industries

Curtis Ellis: ‘Truly Frightening’ How U.S. Relies on China for Vital Industries The country’s reliance on China for vital industries that are necessary for United States national security is “truly frightening,” says Curtis Ellis of America First Policies.

Democrats Collude with China to Influence 2020 Election: American Greatness

Democrats, Media Collude with China to Influence 2020 Election

Carping about “the Trump trade war” is bad policy and bad politics.

It was really quite a remarkable sight.

As U.S. negotiators were overseas attempting to stop a foreign power’s aggression, American political operatives were telling the other side to hold off on making any agreement. They would get a better deal from a new administration after the election, those operatives assured them.

Trump's 3-prong strategy to counter China

TRUMPS' 3-PRONG STRATEGY TO COUNTER CHINA'S AGGRESSION Curtis Ellis says of tariffs, Americans aren't paying the bill, Beijing is


President Trump promised to take on China’s economic aggression against American workers and businesses – and he is fulfilling that promise.

The president has shown he will not capitulate to the aggressors in Beijing despite the cries from merchant bankers and C-suite executives demanding, “We must have a deal no matter what.”

Manufacturing Racial Anxiety to Blame the President: American Greatness

By Curtis Ellis| August 5th, 2019

Democrats and their enablers in the media used to blame the widespread availability of guns for mass shootings. After El Paso they have a new villain: They blame President Trump.

The Space Force, China and Elon Musk

The Space Force, China and its toady Elon Musk

China has openly acknowledged it wants to take over the world.

But its plans don’t end with world domination. China wants galactic dominance as well.

Beijing is using the same tactics it’s using on Earth to achieve its goal: systematically stealing foreign technology and buying influence in foreign corporations and governments.

Just as President Trump is determined to prevent China from taking over the world, he will ensure it doesn’t rule the stars.

American Greatness: China's Fifth Column

Who Is China’s Fifth Column?

By Curtis Ellis  

As U.S. negotiators headed to China for trade talks, President Trump said he doesn’t care if we don’t get a deal.

He shouldn’t. His tariffs are having their desired impact.