It’s Time to Boycott China

To ensure we recover from this virus, we must do two things: Wash our hands and wash our hands of China.  

President Trump says he expects China will pay a “substantial” amount of money for damages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

You can’t help but suspect the Chinese Communist Party deliberately withheld crucial information and hoarded protective supplies needed to prepare for the virus in order to wreak maximum damage both mortal and material on the West.

China's next power grab – with the help of Western elites

Curtis Ellis spotlights ex-FDIC chief who sits on board of Communist Party bank


After unleashing the CCP virus on the world, the Chinese Communist Party is working to expand it power abroad.

It has vowed to use the economic chaos from the pandemic to tighten its global grip on critical industries.

Springtime for Central Planners

Curtis Ellis on how Joe Biden and his ilk hope to use State dictates ... forever

The pandemic has proven to be a windfall for central planners here at home.

While thousands of businesses under government-ordered shutdown face bankruptcy and tens of millions of Americans queue up on breadlines, technocrats are working overtime with their "scientific" computer models.

"Science" is a favored buzzword of central planners going back to Friedrich Engels who coined the term "scientific socialism" to describe the economic system theorized by his buddy Karl Marx.

Are We Witnessing a Targeted Hit Against Trump Voters?

If you tried to design an attack against the president’s supporters, you couldn’t do better than what the experts have done in the name of public health.

The debate about “reopening the economy” is a phony debate.

It’s phony because “the economy” isn’t shut down. Far from it. Walmart is still open. Dollar General is open. Amazon is open. Alibaba is open.

It just so happens that the big-box mass merchandisers and online retailers responsible for flooding our country with crap from Communist China are open.

Audio - War Room: Americans blame China for CCP virus

Curtis Ellis of America First Policies joins Steven K. Bannon on War Room Pandemic with a message of hope: The American people recognize the Chinese Communist Party is a threat to our way of life and stand in solidarity with the Chinese people against the CCP.


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Beijing Biden and his wannabe running mate

Curtis Ellis says veep option 'is firmly in the pocket of pro-China billionaires'

Make no mistake – the 2020 presidential sweepstakes are underway.

You may think the pandemic has frozen the race, but Democrats are exploiting the pandemic to boost their chances in November.

Rather than pull the country together, they try to fan hysteria, sow division and promote distrust of President Trump's leadership.

Don't sell out to Wall Street & big business

Republicans Cannot Betray Their Base in the Coming Economic Recovery

When Republicans forget Main Street for Wall Street, when they abandon the Fortune 5,000 for the Fortune 50, they are not just betraying their heritage and their base—they are aiding and abetting their political enemies.

As we contemplate a possible end to the ongoing pandemic shutdown, several questions lie ahead for us.

First—and foremost on everyone’s minds—is when will the lockdown end? And when it ends, what will be left of our economy?