American Greatness: China's Fifth Column

Who Is China’s Fifth Column?

By Curtis Ellis  

As U.S. negotiators headed to China for trade talks, President Trump said he doesn’t care if we don’t get a deal.

He shouldn’t. His tariffs are having their desired impact.  

Mueller Exposes Massive Systemic Corruption: Ellis

Curtis Ellis exposes glimpse of murky mess in Washington

Robert Mueller’s testimony exposed massive systemic corruption and abuse of power in Washington.

Unfortunately for Democrats, it wasn’t what they hoped – and none of it looks good for them.

In retired (not a moment too soon) Special Counsel Mueller, we saw a frail old man, clearly of diminished capacity and obviously incapable of running a complex multiyear, multimillion dollar investigation.

This raises many questions, the most obvious being: Who was running the show?

Am Greatness: Can the Mod Squad Beat the Odd Squad?

By Curtis Ellis

Can anyone stop “the squad”?

That’s the question gripping the Democratic Party.

The four radical House freshmen who call themselves “the squad” push cultural Marxism, anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and watermelon socialism—green on the outside, red on the inside.

The media gives the quartet the star treatment, dutifully amplifying their every utterance. Their party’s presidential contenders treat them with deference, adopting the squad’s radical positions, for the most part, uncritically as their own.

Green New Deal is happening now

Curtis Ellis hopes readers enjoy their gas barbecue -- while they still can

Berkeley California has banned gas stoves and grills in all new homes.

Let that be a warning to presidential wannabe Sen. Amy Klobuchar who dismissed the Green New Deal as merely “aspirational.”

Klobuchar and her fellow Democrats quickly embraced the Green New Deal, one of the nuttier ideas of socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

TDC: Don’t Send Ilhan Omar Back: Ellis

ELLIS: Don’t Send Ilhan Omar Back — We Need Her Here

President Trump said he wasn’t happy with chants of “send her back” raised against Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar at his North Carolina rally.

The president is right.

Omar is doing a great job right where she is — center stage, in the spotlight and hogging the mic as a member of Congress.

Trump's energy policy is the real deal -- and it's green: Ellis

Curtis Ellis says Democratic Party has sacrificed working Americans

The Democratic Party once prided itself on being the party of the working people. Its base was Americans who worked with their hands – blue-collar working men and women and small family farmers and ranchers. The goal of the party’s policies was always the same: raising the standard of living for working families.

Risk-taking, not 'certainty' built America: Ellis

AMERICA WAS BUILT ON RISK TAKING, NOT 'CERTAINTY' Curtis Ellis looks askance at ubiquitous claim about nature of business

Turn on any business news channel and a Wall Street analyst will tell you “business needs certainty.”

They purport to have a deep insight into the mentality of the C suite decision makers, the peregrinations of the stock market and the workings of the economy, at once serious, important and profound.


Curtis Ellis explains benefits agrarians have gained since January 2017

A mystery is stalking newsrooms across America.

Journalists are at a loss to explain why farmers, hurt by illegal, punitive tariffs from China, continue to support President Trump.

Like the astronomers who couldn’t explain deviations in Neptune’s orbit, pundits don’t know why farmers are behaving the way they do.

We don’t need a hypothetical Planet X to solve this mystery. A basic understanding of agrarian reality and the administration’s record explains the gravitational pull of Planet Trump.

Daily Caller: Debate shows Dems' problems: Ellis

The Democratic Debate Exposed A Lot Of Problems, Policies And Personalities

How far we have come.

One summer Wednesday 56 years ago, Martin Luther King stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and declared “I have a dream.”

Today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren says, “I have a plan.”

On Wednesday, we saw how her “I have a plan” campaign strategy has triggered an arms race among the candidates, each trying to outdo the other with bold, bulleted proposals addressing every conceivable problem from climate change and healthcare to women’s pay and male pattern baldness.

Why disarm in the face of China's aggression: Ellis

Curtis Ellis defends Export-Import Bank as tool to help U.S. businesses

In the face of unrestricted warfare, we cannot unilaterally disarm.

That seems like pretty basic common-sense reasoning.

But since common sense is the least common of all senses, it bears repeating.

The unrestricted warfare of which we speak is being waged by the Peoples Republic of China against the United States of America.

And the unilateral disarmament being discussed is the addled notion that the U.S. should let the Export-Import Bank die.