Putting America First will defeat the Wuhan virus

Curtis Ellis says globalization is the 'Trojan horse' ChiComs are exploiting


This week we saw the nation move to a wartime footing to confront the Chinese coronavirus.

We also saw the end of the prizefight for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The final round of that contest offers insights on who's serious about saving the nation, who's playing political games and who are unwitting fools of a hostile foreign power.

China’s Post-Virus Plan to Destroy America’s Economy

By Curtis Ellis

The “respected voices” calling for America to lift the tariffs on China are simply swallowing Beijing’s sophisticated propaganda. China means to use this crisis to destroy us.

The virus that originated in Wuhan, China poses a double threat to America.

The first is to our health as the virus spreads through the U.S. population. The second is to our economy as more businesses, schools, and events shut down to slow the spread of the contagion.

Biden's Wuhan virus plan parrots Chinese Communists

Curtis Ellis whacks candidate for serving as Beijing's 'useful idiot'

Joe Biden's "plan to combat coronavirus" shows us his career-long streak of being wrong on every major issue remains unbroken.

The "plan" prescribes predictable platitudes and familiar bromides. Specifics include allowing private labs to test for the virus, backstopping small business losses and accelerating development of a vaccine, all measures President Trump has already taken.

Perhaps Joe didn't know that, or forgot.

Am. Greatness: Wall Street Elites Made Us Dependent On China

Choosing to invest in China versus the United States is not a simple dollars and cents bottom-line calculation


As America faces possible shortages of antibiotics, face masks, iPhones and various other items now produced in China, it’s time to consider how we got here.

American company under siege in Asia - by an ally!

China didn't invent predatory trade practices


Communist China's rap sheet of trade crimes is as long as a transoceanic containerized cargo ship.

It includes intellectual property theft, export subsidies, state-owned businesses masquerading as private enterprise and knocking off foreign products.

In fact, China is so adept at copying, it didn't even invent its predatory trade practices – it copied them!

Coronavirus is No Black Swan, It’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Market Meltdown is No Black Swan, It’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Like the Lenape Indians who traded Manhattan island for glass beads, Americans got 'here today, gone tomorrow' cheap stuff; China got long term industrial and technological capabilities.  

American corporations bet big on China then the bug bit and the bet didn’t quite pay off.

The bug is the coronavirus and we see its symptoms in the stock market swoon.

A Bolshevik and a billionaire walked into a bar ...

Curtis Ellis calls Bloomberg 'hopelessly compromised' by the Chicoms

What do an old Bolshevik and a short billionaire have in common?

A lot.

We're speaking of Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg of course.

They are both leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination. One leads in the polls, the other in spending.

Bernie heaps praise on Cuban Communist dictators.

Bloomie heaps praise on Chinese Communist dictators.

Like Elvis, Never Trumpers have left the building

The Pentagon may finally start moving rather than blocking projects such as 5G and USA Rare Earths now that the Defense Department’s No. 3 man is out.


The Democratic Party media wrings its hands whenever President Trump appoints loyalists to fill key slots in the federal bureaucracy, as if it’s abnormal for a CEO to want trusted deputies to execute his agenda. Yet for too long we have seen swamp monsters and deep state lurkers openly and secretly sabotage the president’s America First agenda.

Bloomberg's rancid, arrogant, elitist agenda

Curtis Ellis says Democrat is already 'waging war on working Americans'


The nationally televised defenestration of Michael Bloomberg by Elizabeth Warren and company was just the beginning of the former New York City mayor's problems with Democratic voters.

He has trouble with women, the full extent of which he refuses to disclose.

He has trouble with African Americans who were unfairly victimized by the overly aggressive tactics the NYPD employed in the Bloomberg years.