Time to declare independence – from China

 'The American Revolution was a trade war'

Americans lived in a global economy when we wrote the first the Declaration of Independence.

At that time "the global economy" was known as the British Empire.

The British Empire touched the four corners of the Earth, and the sun never set on it. There were no borders in the British Empire. British ships ruled the waves. British industry ruled commerce. The king enforced a uniform set of rules controlling the flow of people, goods and money throughout the realm.

In this borderless "global economy" ruled from London, people whose names are now legend – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Tom Paine, among others – decided America should be its own independent country.

The American Revolution was a rebellion against globalism.

Better we should govern ourselves, make our own rules that serve our own interest, not the interests of others somewhere else. They can make their rules, we'll make ours.

The rest, as they say, is history.

And so, 12 score and four years ago the people of 13 British colonies on the east coast of North America declared their independence from the British Empire.

The American Revolution was a trade war.

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The colonists were prohibited from enjoying the fruits of their labors, what they grew, dug and made with our own hands. We could not use the bounty of our plentiful farms, forests and mines to make the clothing, furnishings and plows our people used.

Americans were compelled to send their fiber, timber and ore on ships across the ocean to "the workshop of the world" where they were fashioned into finished goods, then sent back and sold at prices set by another. We were forced to buy our essential goods from foreign shores.

Today, the "workshop of the world" is not Britain, but China. And just as the king of England wrote the rules that crippled American industries, the Communist Party of China has waged economic warfare against the United States.

China's industries, many of them owned outright by the government, dump their products on our shores at prices far below the cost of production in order to drive American industry into extinction.

Swarms of Beijing's spies and cyber-espionage agents steal our technology and trade secrets – the property of our citizens and the fruit of our intellectual and physical labor.

Beijing's rulers invited American companies to do business in China then forced them to hand over their property and earnings.

They waged war against our values and our God-given rights, threatening reprisal on Americans who speak freely about the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party.

They threatened and withheld the life-saving medical supplies American companies have both made in China or purchased from China.

They waged chemical warfare against our people, producing and exporting deadly drugs that kill tens of thousands of Americans year after year, ravaging our families and laying waste to entire communities.

They waged biological warfare on America. Deliberately, through incompetence and corruption, the CCP unleashed a deadly virus on the world that took a toll in lives and treasure and brought our country to a standstill.

The coronavirus pandemic made clear something that started a long time ago: We have grown dangerously dependent on China for our health, our well-being and our very way of life.

Two hundred forty-four years ago, Americans recognized the cost of being dependent on a foreign power. Fifty years ago, we learned the cost of being dependent on foreign energy when the oil sheiks cut us off. Lines stretched for miles at gas stations, and often there was no gasoline to be had at any price.

Now, we learned the cost of being dependent on foreign manufacturing. Americans could not get the medical supplies we needed to protect ourselves. We were at the mercy of China, the place where our factories had moved.

And the problem is not limited to just medical supplies. So many other products we use every day, from smartphones to automobile parts, disappeared from America as factories in China shut down.

Our dependence on Communist China didn't happen overnight. It took many years, decades actually, and was the result of decisions, deception, complacency and delusion.

The Chinese Communist Party took advantage of our good intentions. Some of our leaders had a naïve belief that doing business with the People's Republic of China, raising the standard of living of the Chinese people with Western investment, would magically transform a Communist dictatorship into a peace-loving democracy. Our leaders wanted to believe what happened in Japan and Germany after World War II would happen in China after the Cold War.

And the Chinese Communist Party wanted us to believe that, too.

The Communists lied to our political and business leaders, promising a rich market for American products – if we gave China the factories and know-how to make those products. Those factories ended up making goods to sell to the American people, rather than American factories selling to the Chinese.

Our political leaders had also come to believe that the world would be better without nations or borders, that we would all be better off. They allowed, even encouraged, our factories to move to China.

And the Chinese Communist Party wanted us to believe that, too.

They said they believed in "free trade" and "globalization" even as they built tariff walls to keep American made products out and sought global supremacy for the Chinese nation under communist rule.

Our business leaders had a misguided focus on immediate profits. That led them to outsource our jobs and industries and blinded them to the devastating consequences for our people and our nation.

But the American people understood what those at the top refused to see.

Now everyone sees the true cost of the China price.

Now no one can deny Communist China has ill intentions toward us.

The CCP is a Marxist-Leninist party that believes in a communist "dictatorship of the proletariat." It has absolute control over all institutions in China, including the government, military, courts, media, culture and business. The individual, society and the economy exist to support the party. Freedom of speech, of the press, of religion, of assembly and the right to own property do not exist.

The CCP believes its monopoly control of economic, political and social activity is superior to all other forms of government and seeks to impose its system on the world.

Americans understand it is necessary to loosen the bonds that have tied us to the Communist regime in China.

Americans understand we must do as we did over two centuries ago: cut our ties to a foreign tyranny and establish our independence.

Happy Independence Day!

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