Top 10 Things Experts Got Wrong in 2019

Curtis Ellis notes, 'President Trump never bought America's decline'

Harry Truman said "an expert was a fella who was afraid to learn anything new because then he wouldn't be an expert anymore."

2019 will go down as the year everything the experts told us was wrong.

Here in no particular order is a hit parade of things the experts got terribly wrong in 2019.  

1. The economy will crash

The experts told us the economy would slide into recession.

Well, at years end, unemployment is at a 50 year low, the latest jobs report blew the doors off, the stock market hit record highs and so did holiday sales.

The experts also told us the Trump economy was only benefiting the rich and super-rich. Oops again.

Wages for everyone are rising, and workers at the bottom end of the pay scale are seeing bigger gains than those at the top.

2. Tariffs are a tax on consumers

When President Trump zapped Red China with tariffs to punish the Communist dictators' cheatin' ways (making good on yet another campaign promise), the commentariat went into full freak-out mode.

Trump hath offended the gods of the global economy! We will sore suffer their wrath!

"The plague of inflation shall be visited upon the land for ye tariffs are an abomination, naught but a tax on consumers," the high priests of Davos intoned.

The data are in and … inflation was flat, zip, nada. How could that possibly be?

As the tariffs climbed higher, China cut prices and raised export subsidies in order to hold on to customers.

The experts weren't taught that in school – and since they're afraid of learning anything new, they couldn't see it even as it was happening.

3. Other countries won't work with President Trump

The media illuminati told us that President Trump's America First agenda made it impossible for other countries to work with us. After all, it's only by giving away the store that America can win "friends" around the world. That's what the experts learned in college.

President Trump knew that being the largest consumer nation in the world gives us tremendous leverage, and he played it to the hilt. He told Mexico it better stop illegal immigrants from crossing our border or face punishing tariffs. Mexico not only sealed its border but it signed a new trade deal, USMCA, which Trump promised to replace the disastrous North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA. Another campaign promise fulfilled.

Meanwhile, China came to the negotiating table (see above), and Great Britain is eager to strike a deal with us.

Note to the expert dummies: America First does not mean America alone.

4. Manufacturing jobs aren't coming back

This trope, a favorite of the smart set, is so old it's bald. And Trump proved it's a bald-faced lie.

America added over a half million manufacturing jobs since President Trump was sworn in, including some 76,000 factory jobs in 2019 alone.

5. Trump's tax cuts are Armageddon

That's the song Nancy Pelosi sang. The usual media suspects played backup.

They were off-key. The combination of tax cuts, deregulation and trade reform provided perfect orchestration for the symphony of economic expansion as arranged by conductor Donald J. Trump.

6. The Trump campaign conspired with Russia

All the serious people seriously expected Special Counsel Robert Mueller would expose President Trump as a Russian puppet.

Instead, Mueller ended up exposing himself as a senescent figurehead on a multimillion-dollar investigation he had no control over – and found no conspiracy by the Trump campaign.

Which brings us to …

7. The FBI didn't spy on the Trump campaign

Robert Mueller and his media acolytes missed the biggest conspiracy of all – the subversion of our democracy by elements of the FBI and intelligence services working with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz scratched the surface in revealing the biggest scandal in U.S history.

The media continue to insist the FBI didn't spy on the Trump campaign, presidential transition team and administration, though the evidence clearly shows that's exactly what happened.

8. China is our friend

For decades we were told Communist China would become a freedom-loving ally of the United States if we gave them our capital, our technology and our jobs.

This year, we saw the Chinese Communist Party brutalize American flag-waving pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, imprison millions more in concentration camps, bulldoze Christian churches and jail pastors, and export its model of totalitarian control around the world.

That's when it's not busy threatening the NBA and hacking its way into every computer it can find.

One more time the experts were disastrously wrong. But since they can never admit they were wrong, they still insist we must do business with a regime that's antithetical to everything we believe in because …

9. America's decline is inevitable

This is a foundational belief of the elites who command the heights of American academia, finance, media and government.

The policy wonks cogitate on the Thucydides trap, the inevitability of war when a new rising power – Communist China – threatens to displace the current ruling power – the United States.

The unstated premise of their musings is that America is on the decline and the best we can do is manage it.

That's the rationale behind Wall Street's eagerness to invest in "the new rising power," academia's acquiescence to Beijing's bullying on campuses here and abroad, and, until Trump, our government's blind pursuit of "scientific and cultural exchanges" with the Chinese Communist Party.

President Trump never bought America's decline. That's earned him the undying enmity of the "bet against America" crowd.

And finally on the short list of "things the experts told us that were wrong" …

10. The corporate media are objective

Well, we never really believed that one anyway.

My prediction for 2020: President Trump continues to prove the experts wrong.

Happy New Year!

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