Joe Biden: Idiot or Shill?

Curtis Ellis sees poor judgment in Senate battle of 20 years ago


Joe Biden doesn't want you to see the work you paid him to do.

At the same time Sleepy Joe demands President Trump release the tax records of his private business before he went into public service, Joe won't release the records of the work he did on the taxpayers' dime in the U.S. Senate.

He donated his Senate records to the University of Delaware, which planned to put them online no later than Dec. 31, 2019. Now the university has delayed that date indefinitely, or as it says, "until two years after he retires from public life." That could be after he's dead.

Clearly, Joe is concerned the documents "could shed light on his thinking," as HuffPost reports.

For anyone who has explored Joe Biden's thinking is reminded of Gertrude Stein's description of Oakland, California: There's no there there. Even worse: What is there is bad.

Joe has been wrong on everything, from discharging student loan debt in bankruptcy – he opposed it – to invading Iraq – he supported it, along with partitioning the country along sectarian lines.

But Joe's enduring, decades-long Mister Magoo level of cluelessness is best captured by his response to the greatest foreign challenge we face, Red China.

Who can forget Joe Biden telling us, "Come on, man – China isn't in competition with us."

This from the man who once chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who served as vice president and presided over the Obama "pivot to Asia."

His son Hunter also made a pivot to Asia from Ukraine, landing $1.5 billion from the Chinese Communist Party for his investment fund after flying to China with his father.

Which raises the question Stephen K. Bannon asked on the John Fredericks Radio Network: Is Joe Biden an idiot or a shill?

The story of Joe's relationship with Beijing begins in 2000. It was the end of the Clinton administration, and Joe was the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee.

The Senate was asked to vote on whether or not to give China Most Favored Nation trade status – in other words, to give Beijing's Communist dictatorship the same preferential treatment we accord our staunchest democratic allies.

As a result of well-known and undisputed atrocities, Congress conditioned our trade relations with China on an annual review of Beijing's human rights record. This was the regime that murdered peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square and independent labor union leaders, that exported goods made with slave labor, that persecuted people of faith for practicing their religion and that performed forced abortions on women in their final days of pregnancy.

But President Bill Clinton, with the support of Sen. Joe Biden, wanted Congress to dispense with an annual human rights review. Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Beijing would give corporate America the certainty it needed to invest up to the hilt in China and replace well-paid American workers with Chinese workers earning 18 cent an hour.

The opposition to this disastrous proposition spanned the political spectrum in the Senate, from archconservative Jesse Helms to liberal icon Paul Wellstone. They all saw the China deal as a threat to American values and American workers.

Then, as now, the Chinese Communist Party was conducting arbitrary arrests, torturing and executing thousands of Uighurs in northwest China. Beijing now imprisons millions – rather than thousands – of Uighurs in "reeducation" concentration camps.

Then, as now, the Chinese Communist Party was harassing, incarcerating and torturing "people on the basis of their religion," and closing and demolishing "mosques, temples, seminaries, Catholic churches, and Protestant 'house churches.'"

Then, as now, the Chinese Communist bosses imprisoned union leaders and organizers.

Then, as now, "violence against women exists in the People's Republic of China, including coercive family planning practices such as forced abortion and forced sterilization, prostitution, discrimination against women, trafficking in women and children, abuse of children, and discrimination against the disabled and minorities."

Senators recognized they were about to take the most important vote of their careers. Sen. Helms called the measure "the most ill advised piece of legislation to come to the Senate floor in my 28 years as a member of this body."

Sens. Helms, Wellstone and others offered amendment after amendment to ensure China respect religious freedom, end forced abortion, ban prison labor and stop persecuting union organizers.

Joe Biden voted against them all.

Paul Wellstone, the most progressive, pro-union senator in a hundred years, warned American manufacturing would be destroyed as multinational corporations moved U.S. factories to China.

Joe Biden dismissed Wellstone with a sneer, saying, "Nor do I see a collapse of the American manufacturing economy, as China, a nation with the impact on the world economy about the size of the Netherlands, suddenly becomes our major economic competitor."

Now when China is our major economic and military competitor Joe still says, "Come on, man – China isn't in competition with us. They are not bad folks."

Every warning Helms, Wellstone and others made 20 years ago has proven true, and everything they said would go wrong has.

And everything Joe said was wrong.

Joe's public Senate record shows the poorest of judgment. We can expect the parts he wants to hide will confirm that in spades.

And it will confirm that before he was a shill, Joe was an idiot.

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