Trump scores 2 huge victories against Biden

Curtis Ellis notes China deal, USMCA contravene Clinton era appeasement

President Trump landed decisive blows on potential challenger Joe Biden this week.

We refer to the trade deal with China and the Senate's approval of the USMCA.

The so-called phase one deal with China scraps the dysfunctional trade relationship with China that cost the United States 2.7 million jobs as factories closed and moved to red China.

The U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement scraps the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, that initiated the exodus of American manufacturing to cheap foreign labor havens, the "giant sucking sound" of jobs leaving the U.S.

In one week, President Trump torpedoed two loathsome policies championed by Joe Biden.

Twenty-seven years ago, Biden voted for NAFTA. Seven years later Biden opened trade with red China on the same favorable terms we accord our staunchest allies.

To this day, the addled former vice president remains stuck in the past, insisting China is not our competitor.

And while Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., criticized the China deal and voted against the USMCA, the fact of the matter is the Democrats have no credibility on the issue of trade and jobs (or anything else for that matter).

President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, shoved NAFTA down Congress' throat over the protestations of populists and labor unions.

Clinton and Biden then joined forces with Wall Street and the multinational outsourcing lobby to end the long-standing American policy of conditioning trade with China on the Communist regime improving its human rights record.

Clinton's opening came after he received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from red China.

The New York Times reports the head of China's military intelligence apparatus funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to President Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign.

Afterward, Clinton approved the sale of sensitive nuclear and military technology to China and then reversed U.S. policy so American corporations could shower cash on Beijing's Communist regime.

Quid pro quo, anyone?

The Democrats have no credibility whatsoever on defending American jobs against foreign predators for the same reason they have no credibility on ending foreign interference in our elections: They have a long history of giving American jobs to foreign predators in exchange for campaign cash and personal enrichment.

Democrats and their fellow travelers use the discredited ideology of globalism to justify their treason.

Globalism was the rationale behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation sovereignty-eating "trade" deal Joe Biden championed as vice president.

Joe Biden continues to mouth the same globalist platitudes he used to unsuccessfully sell the Obamatrade monstrosity.

Again in the last Democratic debate, Biden declared, "95% of the customers are out there" beyond our borders, ignoring the fact that the U.S. is the world's largest consumer market and misrepresenting the fact that many of the "95% of the customers" outside the U.S. earn too little to be very good customers.

Biden echoed Bill Clinton's condescending advice to factory workers to learn to code, saying, "we should be putting our money and our effort and our time preparing American workers to compete in the 21st century on the high-tech side." As if the Chinese workers living five to a room in dormitories over the factory floor where they assemble iPhones are better educated than Americans.

Then, like the others on the debate stage, Biden natters on about bringing "our allies along with us to set the rules of the road."

This is pure 192 proof globalism – and pure poison.

While Washington policymakers naively sought to "work with our allies" for "the good of the global economy," Germany has been working for Deutschland Uber Alles, France for Marianne and the motherland, and China has been intent on achieving global supremacy for the Chinese Communist Party.

President Trump abandoned economic and globalist orthodoxies. He imposed punishing tariffs on Chinese goods to achieve a better deal for Americans. They remain in place as part of the agreement Beijing signed.

This week's victories vindicate President Trump's America First foreign and economic policy.

And they will be potent weapons in the election battle ahead.

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