Bloomberg's rancid, arrogant, elitist agenda

Curtis Ellis says Democrat is already 'waging war on working Americans'


The nationally televised defenestration of Michael Bloomberg by Elizabeth Warren and company was just the beginning of the former New York City mayor's problems with Democratic voters.

He has trouble with women, the full extent of which he refuses to disclose.

He has trouble with African Americans who were unfairly victimized by the overly aggressive tactics the NYPD employed in the Bloomberg years.

And he has trouble selling his newfound Democratic identity to liberals rightfully appalled by his endorsement of George W. Bush and the Iraq war.

But it's even worse.

Democrats eager to retake the White House will have to reckon with the fact that the diminutive Wall Street billionaire is downright repellent to blue-collar voters, many of them union members, who voted for Donald Trump and are crucial to winning the battleground states in the industrial Midwest.

Bloomberg's remarks that farmers and factory workers lack the brains to prosper in the information economy – the economy that made Mini Mike rich – did more than insult these people.

He revealed the thinking of the Masters of the Universe of Wall Street and Silicon Valley who feel entitled to lord it over lesser beings inhabiting flyover country.

Mike Bloomberg "knows" tomorrow belongs to people like him who work with their minds.

Harvard Business School taught him those who use their hands are inferior, and therefore it's only natural, in fact it's required, to outsource those "lesser" jobs in manufacturing to China, Mexico and India or wherever cheaper labor units lacking "gray matter" can be found and exploited.

While Mike's ideology has no use for manufacturing in America, the policies he actively promotes would make it impossible for anyone to work in a factory – because there would be no factories.

Mike's not waiting to be elected president to wage war on working Americans.

He has assassins in courtrooms across America right now fighting to kill the jobs Americans lacking "gray matter" depend on to feed their families.

Here's how it works:

The billionaire's private foundation is paying lawyers now working in attorney general offices run by Democrats in 10 states.

Just as Wall Street has outsourced American jobs to Communist China, Democratic officeholders have outsourced government to Bloomberg's lawyers.

New York University School of Law's State Energy & Environmental Impact Center was started in 2017 with $5.6 million from the Bloomberg Family Foundation. It's placed lawyers in various AG offices from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Minnesota to D.C. and New York. They report back to the Bloomberg mother ship on a biweekly basis.

It's a shell game. Bloomberg launders his private money through tax-exempt nonprofits and academia to advance his elitist agenda.

Bloomberg's legal warriors are pushing his green agenda to shut down American industry.

Mini Mike's mini-me in the Maryland attorney general's office is valiantly trying to sue BP and other energy companies out of business while one of his personal "special assistant attorneys general" in New York unsuccessfully prosecuted Exxon Mobil for the supposed crime of "climate denial."

But it's in Minnesota where we see Bloomberg's anti-worker agenda most clearly.

Minnesota's attorney general – bought and paid for by Mike Bloomberg – has been fighting to shut down the Line 3 and Line 5 replacement pipelines that carry fuel for homes and industrial furnaces in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and beyond.

Shutting down this energy infrastructure would be disastrous for factory workers, construction trades and homeowners hit with higher utility bills – all of the people who, unlike Mike Bloomberg, can't spend winter in Bermuda or Palm Beach.

National Democrats used to proudly champion working men and women. But their hatred of President Trump has blinded them to the rancid personality and policies of Wall Street Mike Bloomberg.

Voters can still see clearly. They know who has their interests at heart.

That's why President Trump's support is growing, and Mike is shrinking.

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