Putting America First will defeat the Wuhan virus

Curtis Ellis says globalization is the 'Trojan horse' ChiComs are exploiting


This week we saw the nation move to a wartime footing to confront the Chinese coronavirus.

We also saw the end of the prizefight for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The final round of that contest offers insights on who's serious about saving the nation, who's playing political games and who are unwitting fools of a hostile foreign power.

We begin by looking at the last Bernie/Biden debate, a matchup no one would confuse with the Thrilla in Manila.

These two aging fighters missed no opportunity to throw wild punches at the president rather than at each other or the true enemy our country faces. They eagerly blamed the president for the plague the Chinese Communist Party unleashed on the world.

When he wasn't bashing President Trump, Bernie was swinging at his other favorite shadow-boxing partners, "big money interests," "multi- millionaires," or to be precise, the "crooks running the pharmaceutical industry."

This is of course the pharmaceutical industry that began developing a rapid coronavirus test in January, that's running clinical trials for potential treatments, vaccines and cures as you read this and is mobilizing all its resources in the war we face.

While bashing private enterprise, Bernie places his faith in a government-run health care system, the same system they have in China where the virus originated and in Italy, currently overwhelmed by the magnitude of the crisis.

One of the challenges President Trump had to overcome was the regulatory sclerosis that held back the CDC, the FDA and prevented the alphabet soup of other agencies in the administrative state from moving quickly in this emergency.

Bernie and Biden both place their faith in the efficacy and infallibility of the bureaucracy President Trump cut through – something he's been doing for three years to bring more drugs to market quickly. Faced with a novel virus and a novel situation, the bureaucracy was paralyzed by rules it follows whether or not the rules get needed results.

In addition to being in thrall to the bureaucracy – "the interagency consensus" – Bernie and Biden are in thrall to decades-old received wisdom of all varieties. Bernie's favorite is pure 180-proof socialism while Joe's is of the watered down variety.

Bernie can't resist heaping praise on any communist regime he can find. After congratulating Castro for teaching kids how to read the government-controlled press and books the regime hadn't banned, Bernie doubled down, regurgitating the old chestnut "China made progress in getting rid of extreme poverty." He forgot that it was western capital that got rid of extreme poverty in China while it increased in places like Flint, Michigan.

In the statement Biden recorded from self-quarantine after winning Tuesday's primaries, he declared, "Senator Sanders and I may disagree on tactics, but we share a common vision." It's one they also share with the Fabian Society.

More disturbing than Biden's soft-core socialism is his susceptibility to the sophisticated propaganda of the Beijing regime.

The Wuhan virus has laid bare the shortcomings of the Chinese Communist Party, which arrested the doctors who first reported the outbreak, and the fallacy of the globalization project, which concentrated global manufacturing in mainland China and left the world dependent on that totalitarian regime.

Globalization is the Trojan horse the CCP is using to take over the world. It portrays itself as the defender of globalization when it's true agenda is "globalism for you, nationalism for us."

Biden has swallowed it hook, line and sinker. He slammed President Trump's cutoff of flights from China as racist and remains true to the globalist catechism, tweeting "a wall will not stop the coronavirus. Banning all travel from Europe or any other part of the world will not stop it."

When Biden promises a return to normalcy, he's promising a return to the globalization that built up the People's Republic of China and impoverished middle America.

And when he blames President Trump for the Wuhan virus, he's doing the work of the Chinese Communist Party, desperate to avoid blame for the plague it unleashed on the world.

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