It's time to Boycott China -- really

It's time to Boycott China -- really

The Chicoms 'have succeeded in literally stopping our way of life'


President Trump has banned the purchase of Chinese-made parts and gear for power plants and transmission systems.

This shows us the danger we are in, and the solution.

The Made-in-China pandemic revealed how we are on dependent on Communist China for lifesaving medical goods.

The president's latest move shows we won't be dependent on that malign regime for the electricity that powers our entire nation. A Chinese manufacturer of high-voltage power transformers boasts that it provides 10 percent of New York City's power. Only one U.S. manufacturer produces the special-grade electrical steel required for transformer cores.

President Trump expects China will pay a "substantial" amount of money for damages caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Asked if he will submit a bill as Germany has, the president said, "We have ways of doing things much easier than that."

His executive order on power equipment shows how.

Consider: Every dollar the Chinese Communist Party would possibly pay us in damages would be a dollar we gave them.

We can save ourselves the trouble of trying to collect the bill by not sending them the money in the first place.

Let's say it out loud: Boycott China.

China's Communist dictators have been waging economic warfare against us for decades, launching missiles from their mines, mills and factories in an attack that has destroyed our industries as effectively as any precision-guided munitions.

Now the pandemic has wrought further destruction.

They have succeeded in literally stopping our way of life. We can't let them do that again.

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Just as the CCP has waged economic warfare against the U.S., we can do the same.

The Chinese Communist Party lives off of the money we send them, and we send them a lot.

We must stop sending them our money. We must Boycott China.

Our government must boycott the CCP.

The U.S. government contributes to the World Bank, which still gives China billions. Until recently we funded the WHO, Beijing's puppet. We fund scientific research in China. The NIH even funded bat virus research in Wuhan after it was banned in the U.S. (What could possibly go wrong with that? Oh wait, we found out.)

Wall Street must boycott the CCP.

Wall Street steers billions to CCP-controlled companies listed on American exchanges. It helps CCP-controlled entities sell securities in the U.S. Billions flow through index funds that include shares of Chinese companies. Pension funds from California to Iowa have staked the retirement savings of Americans on these dodgy investments.

The finance guys overseeing the federal Thrift Savings Plan – the 401(k) plan for military personnel and federal workers – want to invest billions in the MSCI Emerging Markets Fund, home to a roster of Chinese companies that manufacture weapons, cyberespionage tools and surveillance gear for the CCP.

Corporate America must boycott the CCP.

President Trump warned American companies to get out of China years ago. When he slapped a tariff on China imports, supposedly American companies did Beijing's lobbying and squealed like stuck pigs. Everyone from Bible publishers to shoe salesmen pleaded penury and predicted doom if the tariffs weren't lifted immediately.

Had they diversified their supply chains as President Trump demanded, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in today, depending on a hostile regime for the goods we need to save our lives.

And each one of us has a part to play, too.

When we say Boycott China we are telling the CCP the American people are on to you. We know the dollars we send to Beijing are used to bury us – even literally.

When we say Boycott China we are telling American-in-name-only companies to get out of China – now. Whenever there is an alternative to Made in China, we will take it. We can buy New Balance athletic shoes instead of Nikes. We will buy from our local farmer or Hormel instead of Smithfield. We don't have to upgrade our iPhone until Tim Cook stops funding the CCP's techno-totalitarian dystopia. We're telling GM don't import Envision SUVs from China. We're telling Twitter to deplatform CCP propaganda mouthpieces, not Americans.

When we say Boycott China we are telling Washington to recognize the CCP is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a legitimate government.

We're telling the Chinese Communist Party's bought-and-paid-for enablers in Washington we know who you are. Joe Biden has been in bed with Beijing for 40 years, going back to 1980 when he voted to treat the Communist dictatorship as a "most favored nation." In 2001, he voted to give the CCP our manufacturing industries, and he's been parroting the CCP propaganda line "It's in America's interest for China to prosper" ever since.

Biden is not alone. Washington has a revolving door and a revolving line of credit with Beijing. It's for people like Sheila Bair the former Treasury official now being touted to lead the pandemic recovery funds oversight panel. In between government gigs, Bair served on the board of China's largest bank. Now she "steps down" from the Beijing bank job to pull off another kind of bank job in Washington, with or without Joe Biden.

When we say Boycott China we are telling Washington pols to close the revolving door. Stop selling out our country for your own enrichment. Don't let the CCP control our food (Smithfield), our media (AMC theaters, Universal, Disney, Hollywood), our energy and our technology (Huawei, Lenovo).

When we say Boycott China we are telling the CCP's apologists in big media, big banks, big corporations and the Washington Swamp we're taking our country back.

The Founders understood that America would not be independent if we relied on other nations for our manufactured goods.

Our first war of independence began with boycotts of British goods after the Stamp Act, the Townshend Act and the Tea Act.

With this boycott let us declare our independence from the tyrants of Beijing and the tyranny of globalism that brought us to the current impasse.

We can – we must – we will – stop giving China's dictators our money.

To ensure we recover from this virus, we must do two things:

Wash our hands and wash our hands of China.

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