Bring our jobs home, bring our troops home

The way to stem Chicoms' 'military and techno-totalitarian machinery'

A new report from the Pentagon paints a chilling portrait of the challenge the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States and the world.

It also shows us how we must respond.

The annual report to Congress, "Military and Security Developments Concerning the People's Republic of China," details the comprehensive effort the CCP has launched to achieve global superiority through military, economic and information/psychological warfare means.

The 200-page report tells us the CCP seeks "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," by which it means to revise the international order and "return" China to global preeminence.

On the military front, PRC has already surpassed the U.S. in shipbuilding with the world's largest navy, land-based conventional and cruise missile fleet and integrated air-defense systems.

We learn, "China is the top ship-producing nation in the world by tonnage and is increasing its shipbuilding capacity and capability for all naval classes." In contrast, the United States largely surrendered its shipbuilding and merchant marine industries decades ago.

This shows us the CCP leadership understands something that America's leaders forgot: Military power flows from economic and industrial power. While Washington encouraged the offshoring of America's industries, Beijing appreciates how military might depends on a growing industrial and technological base.

The CCP integrates civilian industries with its military objectives, a 21st century version of People's War known as Military Civil Fusion, MCF:

"MCF encompasses six interrelated efforts: (1) fusing the China's defense industrial base and its civilian technology and industrial base; (2) integrating and leveraging science and technology innovations across military and civilian sectors; (3) cultivating talent and blending military and civilian expertise and knowledge; (4) building military requirements into civilian infrastructure and leveraging civilian construction for military purposes; (5) leveraging civilian service and logistics capabilities for military purposes; and, (6) expanding and deepening China's national defense mobilization system to include all relevant aspects of its society and economy for use in competition and war."

Here is the key point: "There is not a clear line between the PRC's civilian and military economies, raising due diligence costs for U.S. and global entities that do not desire to contribute to the PRC's military modernization."

That means every American dollar invested in the PRC helps the CCP build its military and techno-totalitarian machinery.

Right now, major Wall Street index providers such as MSCI and FTSE Russell, pension funds, university endowments and other large institutional investors are pouring billions from American investors into companies like the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), a state-owned enterprise sanctioned by the State and Commerce departments for its role in grabbing territory in the South China Sea in violation of international law.

At the same time some of the biggest names on Wall Street – Citibank, JP Morgan and BlackRock – have announced plans to expand in China.

This poses a double threat to the U.S. In addition to strengthening the CCP, these firms will now be enlisted to push the "hands-off-Beijing" line back here – the LeBron James effect. Beijing leverages the financial interests of American businesses in its influence operations, using American businesses to do its lobbying in Washington.

Just as Beijing employs economic and technological means to achieve its goal of world domination, we can respond in kind. Cutting off the flow of capital will do more damage to the CCP than deploying another carrier group to carry out freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea.

(Regarding those patrols: President Trump asks, why should we bankroll Europe's defense? One might also ask why U.S. taxpayers should protect the sea lanes China uses to supply its industries and multinational corporations use to flood our shores with American-job-killing imports.)

Cutting the CCP off from our technology and industrial assets is a more effective means of hobbling that regime than any other, military or otherwise.

We can put paid to the 40-year-old notion that economic engagement and investment will reform Beijing's Marxists. There is now no excuse for anyone from Washington, Wilmington or Wall Street to doubt the CCP poses a serious threat to America and traditional American values.

The solution is not the neoconservative reflex of launching yet another war, this time against the People's Republic of China.

Quite the opposite: The same way President Trump wants to bring our troops home from endless war in Afghanistan, we need to bring our jobs, our investment capital and our industries home from China.

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