By Curtis Ellis

On Day 1 in control of the House of Representatives, Democrats broke the promise they made to voters.

They are no longer the party of the working people, unless you’re working in the government (except at the border). They are the party of impeachment, amnesty and abortion.

It’s increasingly clear the Democrats care more about government workers than construction workers. They care more about the grievance studies of campus radicals than the grief and concerns of everyday Americans.

We know this from the Democrats’ own words and actions.

On the first day, they said let us divide the darkness of Donald Trump from the light of the White House, and they filed articles of impeachment.

And they said let the people never elect another of his kind, and they set forth to abolish the Electoral College.

And Nancy Pelosi said it is good.

Further cementing the Democrats’ reputation as the party of all-powerful government is House Resolution 1, their marquee legislative initiative.

It gives the deep state control over who gets to run for office, empowering professional politicians and kneecapping outsiders who would have the audacity to even consider running. What could possibly go wrong?

The Democrats tout this gift bag for professional government apparatchiks and the post-graduate academics who love them as fulfilling their promise to the American people.

What it does is betray the industrial unions that built this nation and not incidentally the party now run by Speaker Pelosi, D-Calif., Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and a cadre of neo-Marxists.

A survey from the DNC’s Senate campaign arm reveals that the party’s priority campaign issues for 2020 are abortion, gun control and uncontrolled immigration.

Nowhere to be found in the new Democratic catechism is a word about rebuilding roads, bridges, ports and railroads, the infrastructure Americans depend on for our way of life.

The building trades – including the traditionally Democrat-voting Teamsters and labor unions – want action on real-world energy projects such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that will move clean-burning natural gas from the wellhead to customers.

Instead the new Democrats natter on about the fantasy “Green New Deal.” This pet project of Rep. Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, Democratic Socialist-N.Y., and her comrades would give government total control of American society under the guise of addressing “climate change.”

This “plan,” as it were, bans all fossil fuels in favor of unproven, unreliable or nonexistent “renewable energy” sources. Jobs installing solar panels on everyone’s home and windmill propellers on everyone’s beanie would be doled out by government commissars in strict accordance with Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-Toontown) mandatory diversity quotas.

Just as they refuse to build a wall on our border, Democrats are not interested in building anything in America. Chuck Schumer is conditioning passage of any infrastructure bill on fulfilling the terms of the Paris climate accord. Until President Trump withdrew from it, that pact required the U.S. to hand billions to corrupt Third World regimes to help develop their national economies and/or pad their Swiss bank accounts.

All this would be laughable if it were not so serious.

Before she was even sworn-in, Ocasio-Cortez led a sit-in at Nancy Pelosi’s office to strong-arm the party leadership into adopting her radical agenda.

It’s time trade unions had a sit-in to restore the Democratic Party to sanity.