ObamaTrade: We have not yet begun to fight

By just one vote, Congress approved giving President Obama fast track power to negotiate the TransPacific Partnership. That sets the stage for the next battle: the fight to defeat the TransPacific Partnership. As John Paul Jones said as he stood on the burning deck of the Bonhomme Richard, "I have not yet begun to fight." He went on to victory.

The fight over fast track was just a preliminary skirmish.

In the coming weeks, Obama will present the final version of his "free trade" agreement for Congress to approve or reject.

It will no longer be cloaked in secrecy. It will have the harsh glare of a presidential campaign focused on it.

Having surrendered their ability to amend it, members of Congress will be forced to embrace its may warts - or reject it.

Remain vigilant - the main battle lies ahead.

This is the battle that matters.