The $26,000,000,000,000 Question

Foreigners now own more than $26 trillion dollars in USA assets! That is an increase of 1300% in twenty years!

The vast majority of this growth is from them leaving part of the trade deficit here. They have been funding our massive trade and government budget deficits. This is simply not mathematically sustainable.

These figures are from the government’s own Bureau of Economic Analysis, through 2012. In my opinion, when the government openly publishes scary data without declaring an emergency, the truth is even worse.

However, it is an emergency: the lion’s share is assets they consider liquid, meaning rapidly transferable home, which could easily spark a crisis here when it happens at once. They are funding our government debt at every level, which will stop at some point. We are already beholden to governments, like China, that do not respect freedom, because they have in effect become Washington’s banker. Rather than live within their means, Washington would rather stay addicted to borrowing, and the big drug dealer in town is China.

We saw thousands of our factories close for the sake of low, low prices at Mega-Mart and we lost millions of good jobs, put our middle class on the endangered species list, and now the nations that hate freedom have more and more influence in Washington.

Only a renewal of our manufacturing base can turn this around. Our economy is still 70% consumer spending, with government at all levels and business making up the rest. When We the People decide to change over to buying Made in USA products, change will happen.

Business will follow the profit potential (like they did with organic products) and Washington will make an appearance just in time to take credit for it. However, it’s our nation and we can do what Americans do best – roll up our sleeves and fix it!

Just shifting a few purchases a month to American-Made makes a huge difference. 

Todd Lipscomb is founder and president of the successful company He spent nearly fifteen years in the tech industry, including executive roles overseeing Asia finance and worldwide operating expenditures of over $180 million per quarter with Western Digital Corporation. His experience watching Asian countries take American manufacturing jobs convinced him to move back to the United States and start, which sells only high-quality American-made goods.