American Manufacturing Renaissance: Fact Or Fiction?

Is the manufacturing renaissance just a fantasy? One business publication seems to believe so, arguing that the nation's manufacturers have made little progress, just trying to play catch-up for a decade of dramatic reversal.

With the Made in America movement hotter than ever and rising overseas wages and energy costs a reality, a lot of buzz has been made about the American manufacturing renaissance. Is it reality or just a product of our nation's and president's wishful thinking?

The Business Insider takes the contrarian point of view in a recent column entitled "The American Manufacturing Renaissance Is A Flop," contending our  manufacturing sector is not making progress but merely treading water. It also questions whether having a manufacturing renaissance is a bed of roses in the first place.

"For years, Americans have complained about their jobs being moved overseas where manufacturing costs have been much lower. But with labor costs now rising overseas and energy costs falling in America, there is now excitement that an American manufacturing renaissance is at hand. Unfortunately, there is no good evidence to suggest this is happening. In fact, some data suggest the opposite is happening," the column stated.

We've got to disagree adamantly with Business Insider on this point. U.S. manufacturing is back.

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