Analysis: TPP Fate In Hands Of Millionaire Congress

Ever wondered why there's a disconnect on free trade between Washington and Main Street? Perhaps, it has something to do with all the millionaires populating Capitol Hill. A new analysis reveals that more than half of congressional lawmakers exceed $1 million in net worth. Time to show our leaders who's boss.

The kick-butt Washington, D.C.-based Center for Responsive Politics recently revealed that the median congressional net worth rose nearly $50,000 from 2011 to 2012. Of course, it should come as no huge surprise that two of three lawmakers behind the recently unveiled fast-track legislation that will expedite consideration of agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact are loaded as well.

House Ways & Means Committee head and fast-track sponsor Dave Camp ranked 57th with $15.3 million, while Senate Finance Committee ranking Republican Orrin Hatch, came in at 161 with $4.2 million. Senate Finance Committee chair Max Baucus failed to make the list but not by much with $880,000 in net worth. The Montana senator, however, is headed off to China to serve as the U.S.'s chief envoy. Read the study here:

Don't let our millionaire leaders off the hook. Tell them to vote down fast-track for TPP.