Apple: Sociopath By Any Other Name Still A Sociopath

Don’t be fooled by Apple’s propaganda about its new Made in the USA offering and how much the computer giant gives back to America. The company, which continues to outsource much of its manufacturing overseas, has no qualms about dodging federal U.S. taxes, preferring to go through Ireland, which has done little if nothing technologically to help the behemoth get where it is today. So much for loyalty to one’s own country.

Apple couldn’t care less about the average American. Sure, it can throw a few new jobs around here and there to deflect negative press coverage about its exploitation of workers in China. But news that it uses innovative accounting tricks to elude $64 billion in taxes to the U.S. Treasury, much to the detriment of who else but the American worker, surely riles us up here at the American Jobs Alliance.

“Apple's tax scheme amounts to a high stakes three-card Monte game, as Steve Jobs' corporate heirs manipulate shell companies to hide billions in profits from national authorities. Shell companies are nothing new and by no means an Apple innovation -- Enron used plenty of them to wreak its special brand of havoc,” observes AJA Communications Director Curtis Ellis writes in a recent Huffington Post blog.

Bottom line? Your payroll and individual income taxes go up. You’d think the richest company on the planet would want to play a stake in the future of America, the very society that enabled it to succeed in the first place.

“Defense spending created the Silicon Valley where Jobs literally cut his teeth. The Pentagon's buy American requirement (since gutted) bankrolled the American electronics and cybernetics industries where the young Jobs worked, and it stocked the surplus stores Jobs and Woz raided to build their first Apple prototypes. Government R&D funded the invention of microchips, the Internet and other foundation technologies Apple has profited from so lucratively,” Ellis writes.

It’s been pretty well-documented in the media that Apple believes it owes Americans zilch despite generations of taxpayers enabling the company to exist in the first place. Now, that’s the behavior of a sociopath -- plain and simple. And the behemoth that Jobs built surely doesn’t stand alone. The sociopath psychology runs rampant in corporate America.

Concludes Ellis in HuffPo: “A corporate psychology that refuses to acknowledge the existence of the society in which it operates. It is a species of pathological individualism that does not have the words ‘virtue‘, ‘decency’ or ‘community’ in its vocabulary.”

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