Biden wants 'new world order' - and says TransPacific Partnership is how we get there

Vice President Joe Biden told a global banking conference the Obama administration is building a new world order - and the TransPacific Partnership is how they'll do it.

Biden's remarks to the Export-Import Bank conference in Washington on Friday have lit up the Internet, beginning with Nicholas Ballasy's video and post on PJMedia.

The prolix Vice President went on to say the administration believes it is in "our interest that China prosper" and "Mongolia prosper."

Biden explained the administration plans to build its New World Order with the TransPacific Partnership Agreement.

Biden likened the TPP to an infectious agent, saying the administration wants the TPP to "enter the bloodstream of the global system."

He repeated President Obama's intention to conclude the TPP this year, and says the administration also wants to hook up with the European Union.

Watch Biden call for a new world order here, and watch here as he describes the TransPacific Partnership as the first step in creating that new world order.

And then tell Congress you want no part of TPP.