Bringing American Out: 190-Year-Old Institution Gets Breath Of Fresh Air

A 20-something fresh out of business school makes a few tweaks to take a 190-year-old Made in America institution famous for its classic tin drinking cups out of the past and into the 21st century. Who says you have to rely on China for what you use to break bread and drink with? 

 Back in 2010, Sean Bandawat, then a new University of Southern California business graduate, was in the market for acquiring a company to lead.


It didn't take him long to discover struggling 190-year-old kitchenware manufacturer Jacob Bromwell, which is based in Tempe, Ariz. Not only was it a great deal but its Made in America philosophy struck a chord with its new owner. 


“We are the 34th oldest company in America, and I have always been passionate about products being made here,” Bandawat told Fox News


The company is most famous for the tin cups and once had 300 other products it sold. That was until Bandawat arrived. He narrowed the field to a more manageable 50, which helped improve the company's financial position and enabled it to keep a staff of seven employees along with a revolving cast of contract workers. 


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