Bye bye, Buy American - Trade deal would kill 'Buy American' laws & states rights

The Obama administration wants a so-called free trade deal with the European Union. But the Europeans say 'no deal' unless we scrap Buy American laws in states across the country. Negotiations on the trade pact are set to begin next week.

More than 20 Buy America measures - which require state governments to choose domestically produced products over foreign ones where possible - have been introduced in states across the country in 2013, up from 5 bills introduced last  And this year, similar bills have come close to being approved in other states and may move forward next year. New Buy America measures were passed in Ohio last year.
The Financial Times reports EU negotiators are not happy about it.
“What we are trying to establish in these negotiations is free trade – we’re not going to be able to do that everywhere but that is the general objective – and that means not discriminating between European goods or services and their American counterparts,” says an EU official in Washington. “This is an issue for us because in Europe we have used procurement as an instrument to open up trade between member states, and in doing that we haven’t discriminated against foreigners.”
It puts the administration in a bind. Does Obama really want to come out against Buy American and states rights? Add to it the fact that Buy American is popular with unions, key Obama's supporters, and you have a major migraine for the White House.
Will Obama throw Buy American and states rights under the bus?
That's why the Administration negotiates these deals in secret.
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