China Brings New Meaning To Latch-Key Kids

China's economic miracle is having a less than miraculous effect on nearly 60 million children growing up in the countryside with their absentee parents stuck at work in the big cities. What will this mean for the communist nation's future generations when nearly 200 million Chinese are leaving their families behind to make a living?


The recent tragic accidental drowning of five children of Chinese migrant workers illustrates a growing problem of the nation's parents migrating from the countryside to the big cities to make more money at the expense of the progeny they've left behind, according to an International Herald Tribune report. 


According to a 2010 survey by the All-China Women's Federation, 80 percent of Chinese children being reared by non-parents are being raised by grandparents with a little over 4 million left to their own devices. 


Observed Catherine Lee Yuk San, a Hong Kong-based TV producer who produced a documentary regarding these children, to the Herald Tribune: “They have parents, but they just live on their own. They live very lonely lives. They eat alone, they play alone. Although it is their basic right to have their parent’s love, concern and care, in reality you can see that they live like an orphan.”


Seems like a high price to pay for so-called miracle, which is sounding more like an economic travesty. 


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