China hackers steal industrial, state secrets

China launched cyber attacks against dozens of chemical and military-related companies to steal industrial secrets, a leading computer security company says. This alarming report comes as the British prime minister's office accuses China of trying to steal state secrets. A report from Symantec raises new alarms over widespread industrial espionage by China. The report points to attacks that occurred between late July and September. Hackers used email to plant "poison Ivy" software on targeted computers. Symantec said the same hackers were involved in attacks earlier this year on human rights groups and auto companies, the AP reports. Symantec traced the attacks to a computer system owned by a Chinese man in his 20s in the central province of Hebei. A London summit on cyber security gets underway in London today as Britain's spy chief said sensitive data on British government computers had been targeted, along with defence, technology and engineering firms' designs. Meanwhile, an advisor to British prime minister David Cameron says China is certainly behind attempts to steal his country's national secrets. Among those attending the London summit: Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.