Congress Acts To Limit, Examine Chinese Tech Imports

Think Congress does nothing? Think again. The bipartisan $1.1-trillion spending bill that President Barack Obama signed into law Friday contains a provision that limits and requires a cyber-espionage review of tech purchases from China. Perhaps, they'll rethink the White House's take on TPP. You can make it happen.

Needless to say, the Chinese Commerce Ministry is none too thrilled. An official who declined to be identified told Reuters that the move “went against the principles of free trade” – otherwise known as public policy decisions that put U.S. workers on the unemployment line.

The Chinese contend the move – proposed by House Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. Frank Wolf – would undermine U.S.-Sino economic relations.

Wolf maintains that his plan arose last year over security concerns around potential cyber attacks by major Chinese companies.

"A slightly modified version of this language was continued again this year by bipartisan agreement with the Senate, and I believe it should be maintained and expanded to all civilian federal agencies in the year ahead," Wolf said in a statement, according to Reuters.

To applaud lawmakers' decision here and urge them to re-think Obama's TPP, why don't you give your local representatives a call? Act now:

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