Congress To Obama: TPP Must Have Provisions Against Currency Manipulation

About 200 U.S. lawmakers plan on urging the White House to champion provisions minimizing currency manipulation to be included in the evolving Trans-Pacific Partners trade deal that now involves 11 other Asia-Pacific region countries, including Japan.

Japan’s recent inclusion has created concern especially among congressional members representing areas where the U.S. auto industry is strong, according to a recent Reuters report.

In a letter to be sent to President Barack Obama next week, the bipartisan group of U.S. House lawmakers concluded, according to the newswire, that: “Incorporating currency provisions in the agreement will strengthen our ability to combat these unfair trade practices and help to create a level playing field for American workers, businesses, and farmers.”

Maybe the groundswell of interest will coax Obama to drop fast-track authority for TPP, opening the door for greater congressional (and eventually public) participation. We can only hope.

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