Foxconn Better But Still Working Workers Longer Than Legal Limits

Unionization is up at Foxconn plants in China but workers are still toiling away more hours a day than allowed by the Chinese government. That's when you know you're exploited when the least free nation tells you so.

As part of its efforts to set Apple and its supplier on the right track in terms of labor practices, the New York City-based Fair Labor Association found during its latest check-up that Foxconn workers continue to work longer than legal limits, according to a recent Wall Street Journal story.

But it appears that employees have become more involved with unions.

Observed FLA President and CEO Auret van Heerden to WSJ: "When FLA first visited Foxconn last year, the union committees like those at most other factories in China were dominated by management. By this time next year, we expect worker participation to be even higher," he said in a statement.

And according to the a January review, the Apple supplier abided by roughly 98 percent of the 360 recommendations made by FLA in its original probe.

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