'FTC: Truly Made In America' Doesn't Cut It

Be careful what conclusions you jump to when buying what you think is a Made in America gift. Looks can be deceiving. The Federal Trade Commission recently busted E.K. Ekcessories for slapping a “Truly Made in America” label that wasn't quite what it claimed.

The problem? There are federal standards in place but no certification process to vet fraudulent claims such as the ones made by the Utah outdoor accessories company in question here. In addition, the feds don't provide specific phrases that comply. 

E.K. Ekcessories, which actually imported its products, told the blog Consumerist it never wanted to engage in deception but that the federal guidelines in place were too difficult to comply with. FTC called bull, contending that the company went out of its way to deceive it customers.

Make sure you're buying truly Made in America products this holiday season. 

Read more here: http://bit.ly/193HcYs.