Girl Scout Merit Badges Made in China

The Girl Scouts keep up with the times, and one grandma in Missouri found this out, much to her horror, when she noticed that all the items she was sewing on her granddaughter's Junior Girl Scout vest, including the American flag, were "made in China." Outraged, Jeannette VanGoethem wrote Girl Scout headquarters in New York asking how they can authorize "Made in China" goods - and has yet to receive a reply. Undeterred, she phoned, only to be given the "we live in a global economy" brush-off. Fightin' granny VanGoethem says Girl Scouts officials should consider where they get their financial backing, patriotism to American workers and helping American manufacturing before outsourcing (to a nation ruled by a communist tyranny that practices forced abortion and other unspeakable horrors, we might add). You can call the Girl Scouts national headquarters at (800) 478-7248, (212) 852-8000,or write Girl Scouts of the USA 420 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10018-2798. (Maybe they'll even respond to your letter.)