Hacked Hackers: China Perturbed Over U.S. Limits On Tech Imports

The People's Republic of Hackers is hacked over Uncle Sam trying to restrict the communist nation's technology imports out of fear the dragon is spying on the U.S. government. But we've got one response to their whining: Get over it, hackers. Good job, Congress and White House. You've actually accomplished something.  

According to state-run media, Chinese leaders voiced their "strong dissatisfaction" over a provision of a funding bill signed into law recently that requires NASA and other departments to get approval from federal law enforcement officials to procure technology from the communist nation, Reuters reported.

The effort to limit Chinese tech imports "sends a very wrong signal," Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang told the news agency.

"This will directly impact partnerships of Chinese enterprises and American business as they conduct regular trade," he warned, according to Reuters.

We know what trade with China means for most Americans -- more cheap crap and fewer U.S. jobs available. Tell your congressional representatives they actually did something right. There's still more to be done, however.

Read all about it: http://reut.rs/ZKV3uC