Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate Independence Day, let's remember what it takes to be independent: George Washington understood that our nation must have healthy manufacturing industries for the United States to be truly independent and prosperous.  He tasked his Treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, with formulating an economic policy to promote manufacturing in the new nation so we would not be dependent on imports from others for our essential needs.

AJA fan Joe Brooks wrote this on our Facebook page and we want to share it with everyone:

Washington tasked Hamilton with creating a government and economic policy that would support an independent and self reliant nation. Hamilton realized that merchants have no country, so he tied corporate success to US success by advocating import tariffs that resulted in a middle class, thereby promoting national unity and patriotism among all factions of the economic ladder, including agriculture.

The genius of Hamilton led the thought of US government for 180 years, leading to the highest standard of living on the face of the earth, until 1971 when “free trade” with Communist China was implemented by Nixon. We have fallen to #13, globally since “free trade” has dominated the government, leading to “entangling alliances” (which Thomas Jefferson warned against).

Hamilton was the exact opposite of Adam Smith and his “The Wealth of Nations” stealth plan to colonize other nations.

From Hamilton's Report to Congress on Manufactures:

To the Speaker of the House of Representatives:]
The Secretary of the Treasury in obedience to the order of the
House of Representatives, of the 15th day of January 1790, has
applied his attention, at as early a period as his other duties
would permit, to the subject of Manufactures; and particularly to
the means of promoting such as will tend to render the United
States, independent on foreign nations, for military and other
essential supplies. And he thereupon respectfully submits the
following Report:

Read the full report here:


The economic system created by Washington and Hamilton came to be known as the American System of Economics, and stood in opposition to the doctrine of "free trade" advanced by the British Empire.