How U.S. High Tech Created People's Republic of Hackers

Ever wondered how China learned how to hack? Take a hard look at U.S.-based high-tech companies who sold America's soul to do business in the communist nation. In the interest of smoothing U.S.-China relations, our own corporations gave the dragon the passwords to our country's computer system as part of a deal with the devil.

Over the few decades, the U.S.-based high-tech industry built state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, labs and training programs over in China to take advantage of the nation's lax labor and business regulations to supply world markets and Chinese scientific brain power. In return, China's government required these companies to give up some technological know-how to the Chinese in exchange for market access, according to a recent Bloomberg View editorial.

"China’s hacking prowess makes clear that, as critics warned, the government and military benefited from widespread sharing of know-how directly applicable to spying, sabotage and theft of business secrets," wrote BV's Alan Tonelson.

The companies who flocked over there contended that their presence would help China go democratic in a peaceful way. So far, not so good.

If anything, Corporate America made quite a Faustian bargain with China that has eroded U.S. democracy as well as most Americans' standard of living.  Idiots!

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