Longtime U.S. Cymbal Maker Shows How To Drum Up Success, Worker Loyalty

The nation's oldest family business shows how to make it in America the right way. After nearly four centuries in existence, cymbal maker Zildjian invests heavily in its employees, who return the favor by producing a high-quality product that its customers swear by. An American success story to say the least.

The company, founded in Turkey nearly 400 years ago by Armenian alchemist Avdeis Zildjian during the Ottoman Empire, moved to the United States during the Great Depression. It has been passed down through generations of descendants, making it the oldest family business based in America.

Instead of firing employees as their skills become obsolete or offshoring to save a buck, the company does something very radical compared to other manufacturers. It puts its ranks through a retraining process and reassigns them to new jobs.

Observed CEO Craigie Zildjian to NBC News recently, according to AOL Jobs: "It comes down to trust doesn't it ... You take care of us, and we take care of you."

The result? High productivity, low turnover, a popular product and longevity. Business schools should teach Zildjian's business model to burgeoning corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

Read all about it: http://aol.it/ZDZCoK.