Made In America: Not Just A Business -- A Political Statement

There are a myriad ways to get political beliefs across -- from writing your local congressional representative or joining a protest movement in support of an issue near and dear to your heart. For a New Hampshire couple, it's opening a retail store devoted solely to products made in America.

Dan Moore and Aime Jacques of Grafton, N.H., are on a mission -- to make shoppers think about where the products they purchase come from before they buy. That's exactly why they opened Big Dan's retail store.

Said former tractor-trailer driver Moore to the Concord Monitor recently: "This is our political statement ... "The store, the concept of selling American products and America, is what we stand for."

What inspired them to make such a statement? The purchase of an American flag from Walmart with the label "Hecho en China."

Ironic on more than one level. That's for sure.

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