Made-In-USA Men's Fashion Roadshow To Hit Los Angeles, Other Cities Soon

What's better than a band of traveling gypsies or the circus coming to town? A mobile pop-up marketplace devoted solely to Made-in-the-USA goods wending its way around the country to drive home the importance of supporting U.S.-crafted fashion. Its next stop? Los Angeles in early April. Be there if you care.

Known as Northern Grade, the project is the brainchild of Mac and Katherine McMillan, owners of the neckwear maker Pierrepont Hicks, and has been popping up all over the Midwest for the past four or so years. Now, they want to take the show outside the heartland to new destinations -- Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco and other cities -- over the next six months.

The traveling fashion marketplace features products offered by local manufacturers in the cities where it lands, satisfying both the patriot and localvore in their customers. Be sure to catch one of their "shows" this summer, if you can.

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