Makes No Sense At All: Obama’s Free Trade Push Won’t Help Inequality

Tonight, during his fifth State of the Union address, President Barack Obama is expected to mention free trade and economic inequality in the same speech, which makes absolutely no sense at all. Freer trade is just a recipe for more off-shoring creating greater inequity. It seems the American worker's last line of defense is the nation's millionaire Congress. Scary, huh?

At the World Economic Forum’s yearly shindig of the planet’s wealthiest and most influential, much was said of the benefits of more liberalized trade as proposed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact and others, amid hobnobbing at lavish parties the world’s taxpayers are probably paying for. No surprise there, right? Of course, t.hose who could benefit the most from something will trumpet it loudest. 

Six years have passed since Obama proudly announced his dissent for free trade. Now, it appears to be just a platform he rode into the White House upon just to get elected. 

Tell your congressional members that TPP is not the route to reduced economic inequality and that fast track should be voted down. 

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