Mexico Wants North America To Broker Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Deal As Bloc

Mexico has delusions of grandeur, wanting to join the fray of the evolving U.S.-EU free trade negotiations. The nation's leaders have indicated a desire to merge the world's two largest free-trade zones into one gigantic one instead of brokering smaller bilateral pacts. Just what the United States needs. An opportunity to lose more jobs.

In Washington recently, Mexican Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade told Bloomberg News that bringing NAFTA together with the evolving Trans-Atlantic Free Trade deal would help leverage North America's economic clout more than brokering bilateral pacts, which, he fears, wouldn't "take full advantage of the economies of scale and scope that have resulted from NAFTA."

Meade further added that a "superior equilibrium" would be reached if North America negotiates with Europe as one entity as opposed to three smaller ones.

Oy vey. NAFTA's got enough of its own problems.

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