Obama Has Nation On Slippery Slope Toward 3rd-World Status

The Obama Administration's obsession with expanding free trade and allowing the rest of the world to benefit from our nation's energy boom is likely to land us all in the poorhouse. The White House's economic vision as it is coming into focus puts us on a slippery slope to third-world nation status. But you can help us stop the impending disaster before it's too late.

The president's zeal for the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade treaty coupled with his desire to exploit the domestic natural gas boom to increase exports is likely to leave our nation's manufacturers in need of low-cost energy with fumes, if that.

Instead of shipping our natural resources overseas, our nation's factories should have first dibs to capitalize upon this windfall to produce value-added goods that can then be exported globally, much to the benefit of all Americans not just big energy companies. Liquefied natural gas exports aren't going to garner the same value as high-quality U.S. manufactured products.

If TPP comes to fruition, most of those exports would probably go to Japan. And neither U.S. congressional members nor the American people will have a say because Obama is trying to employ fast-track authority to ram the evolving trade agreement through Congress without amendment.

"It's no surprise an administration as tied to Wall Street as this one is taking the side of the financial sector. But it's even worse: If the administration has its way, neither Congress nor any government official, elected or appointed, would have any say in the matter," writes American Jobs Alliance Communications Director Curtis Ellis in a recent Huffington Post blog.

Of course, you can help kill TPP's prospects before the pact gains momentum that we'll never be able to stop. Tell Obama how much you hate TPP.

Read about it: http://huff.to/14m3QEs