Obama Not So Off On Made-In-America Exports Hype

When President Barack Obama recently asserted that the nation now sold more Made-in-America products worldwide than ever before, his words rung true technically but don’t let him fool you into believing that we’re out of the trade deficit woods just yet.

In a blog post today on the online fact-checking website Politifact, the president got high marks from online fact-checker Politifact on its so-called “Truth-O-Meter” but not without reservations, however. His claims proves true for goods, which did account for record export levels of $134 billion in June, but not necessarily services, which he conveniently left out.

In addition, even increasing product exports hasn’t done much to reverse our nation’s ridiculous trade deficit, especially with China. Furthermore, the whole trade situation has become a game of catch-up -- making up for major hits felt during the Great Recession of 2008.

Dartmouth’s Andrew Bernard characterized the commander-in-chief’s hype to Politifact as a “bit disingenuous” especially since exports over the past 12 months were up a mere “not exactly booming” 1.4 percent.

Was Obama full of it? Not technically. But his words, although not hollow, weren't completely solid either.